Famous villain of Love is Blind season 2, Shayne Jansen, is back again, talking about his season of the show, things that happened years ago, and profiting from exploiting the emotional situation. Shayne was not exactly a fan favorite on his season of the show, in fact, he was often called a villain online. Shayne has taken this to the extreme since his season, with his behavior on social media, creating even more controversy.

Love is Blind star Shayne is now using this stale drama to promote his OnlyFans subscription service and draw in new subscribers, which did not bode well with fans in a Reddit thread started by user Aisoreal. “His ’15 minutes’ will be up soon and he knows it,” one user wrote. Shayne’s ex-fiancé Natalie Lee has spoken on what led to their tumultuous break-up in the past, but it was closer to the release of the show, and when these things occurred. Commenters were annoyed that Shayne is talking about the drama so long after it has occurred and dragging Natalie through the mud, when the time has come for him to move on.


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Love Is Blind’s Shayne Wants To Stay In The Limelight

Love Is Blind & Perfect Match's Shayne Jansen posing for an Instagram photo

Since Shayne’s season of Love is Blind aired, it seems that, like a lot of other reality tv stars, Shayne wants to stay relevant and stay in the limelight. However, Shayne’s seems to go about it in all the wrong ways. On Perfect Match, Shayne was a contestant but mentioned that he still was not over his ex, Natalie, because Perfect Match was filmed only a year after Love is Blind season 2. Commenters in the thread felt Shayne wanted to stay relevant, so he went on Perfect Match, just like he is doing with his OnlyFans now. “This man needs therapy—not another platform, one Redditor added.

Shayne’s ability to milk his 15 minutes of fame are admirable for those who strive to do the same. However, the way the Love is Blind season 2 villain chooses to go about it is quite toxic and hurtful to those that are involved in his past. By Shayne using off-camera Love is Blind drama, he is dragging Natalie back into a world and relationship that she has moved on from. Shayne needs to do the same, and should stop talking about his relationship with Natalie and move on with his life. Not only are people sick of hearing about it, but it’s hard to imagine it’s pleasant to talk about anymore.

Based on fans’ reactions to Shayne’s recent OnlyFans promotion, it can be assumed that he will not be getting as many new subscribers as he would have liked. As is evidenced by the Reddit thread, many social media users are sick of hearing about Shayne’s “drama” that isn’t even important anymore, especially when Shayne is giving his skewed perception of it. If Love is Blind ever decides to have an all-star season, they should not cast Shayne, unless they want an explosion of mean comments online.

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