Selling Sunset season 6 was filled with new drama, with the most outlandish feud stemming from newbie Nicole Young and Chrishell Stause. Despite the absence of former Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn, there were plenty of arguments and drama throughout the newest season of the hit Netflix reality series featuring luxury real estate agents from the Oppenheim Group. Jason Oppenheim even claimed Selling Sunset season 6 was the best yet, likely due to the almost constant pace of dramatic interactions. However, the feud got a little more real when Nicole alluded to suing Chrishell for defamation.


Nicole and Chrishell were destined to have problems when longtime Oppenheim Group agent Nicole joined Selling Sunset season 6. Allegedly, Jason put Nicole and Chrishell on a listing together years ago, and Nicole felt that Chrishell didn’t deserve any of the credit for the sale, because she did a lot more work than Chrishell, and the soap opera star was still a relatively new agent. However, Nicole, who also previously dated Jason, escalated the feud when she suggested Chrishell only got the credit because Jason had a massive crush on Chrishell. Chrishell was married at the time.

Did Nicole Actually Sue Chrishell?

Selling Sunset's Chrishell Stause sitting on couch and Nicole Young looking off to side

One of the pressing questions post-Selling Sunset season 6 is whether Nicole actually sued Chrishell for defamation after she was accused of being on drugs. It appears the defensive real estate agent was just fronting, because there’s no indication of a lawsuit against Chrishell in the works. Defamation suits are also challenging to prove, but everything that Nicole would need was already captured on camera. Regardless of the lack of lawsuit, there’s likely plenty of drama to come between Nicole and Chrishell in future seasons of Selling Sunset.

Selling Sunset’s Nicole and Chrishell’s Feud Explained

Chrishell Stause wearing a red dress in the season 5 Selling Sunset reunion

After a massive blowout at Chelsea Lazkani’s broker’s open, the feud between Nicole and Chrishell climbed to a fever pitch. Despite Mary Fitzgerald’s weak attempts to smooth things over with both agents in an onscreen hashing out of feelings, the two were unable to come to an agreement. When Jason left for three weeks and left Mary in charge, she organized a girls’ trip to Palm Springs, and disaster struck between Chrishell and Nicole on the first night. As the tequila-inspired argument grew, so did the accusations.

Chrishell Accused Nicole Of Being On Drugs

As Nicole grew more impassioned, so did her physicalization, and her accusation that Chrishell tried to control Jason’s work calls when they were together was the last straw. At that point, Chrishell accused Nicole of being “cracked out” and doubled down despite the shock of her fellow agents. She claimed she had seen Nicole on drugs before and wouldn’t be surprised if she was high on the girls’ trip. Nicole stormed out and immediately started plotting. Rather than letting the outlandish accusation lie, the real estate agent scheduled a drug test in Palm Springs the following day.

However, the drama between Nicole and Chrishell didn’t end there. Nicole admitted, unprovoked, to Chelsea and Mary the following day that she had gotten a drug test to prove her sobriety and was considering speaking to her attorney about suing Chrishell for defamation. Her fellow agents were shocked, and Nicole shared the news with the rest of the girls, including Chrishell, on the final night of the girls’ trip, in one of the most dramatic moments of Selling Sunset season 6.

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