Emma Hernan and Micah McDonald from Selling Sunset made a splash with their flirtation last season, but with Selling Sunset season 6 around the corner, there’s some curiosity about their relationship status today. Emma is known as one of the luxury real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group featured on Selling Sunset. She’s also an entrepreneur who previously qualified for swimming at the Olympics. The Boston native is a daredevil who currently boasts 2.1M followers on Instagram. She is a proud vegan and owns a frozen food company, Emma Leigh & Co.


Real estate agent Emma met Micah while filming Selling Sunset season 5. Texas native Micah owns a bar and comes from a close-knit family of at least eight children. He’s also an entrepreneur known for being a real estate developer. Micah’s notably renowned for his luxury home, shown in the latest season. Emma and Micah met each other on the show and had an instant connection. Their undeniable chemistry was palpable onscreen, but their romantic connection was unknown post-filming.

Emma Teased Her Relationship With Micah

Micah McDonald Emma Hernan Selling Sunset

Emma previously admitted that her handsome client intrigued her, so she chose to “mix business with pleasure.” After Selling Sunset season 5, many wondered if the two made it past the initial dating phase and became a couple. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Emma claimed that she and Micah had “something special.” She shared, “Obviously, it’s progressed a little bit [from their time on Season 5]. We’ve become closer.” Emma also teased by stating there could be “a label” or “a ring” in Selling Sunset season 6 while discussing her relationship with the popular real estate developer.

Emma’s Relationship With Micah Fizzled Out

In May 2022, the 30-year-old said more about her relationship status in an interview with TODAY. She said, “Right now, I’m single and dating. I’m open to a relationship… I’m open to something moving a little bit more serious.” While Emma didn’t mention Micah, her answer hinted that the two weren’t officially together. Selling Sunset‘s Emma is single but she has been in “long-distance” relationships and is looking for someone closer to her. Since she’s usually in Boston and L.A., while Micah is in Texas, it’s doubtful they are in the same boat regarding their current relationship goals.

It’s currently difficult to tell whether Emma and Micah broke up since Selling Sunset season 5. Most online sources detailing their relationship stem from 2022, and there are few hints that the two are still together based on either of their social media accounts. While their blossoming romance was a compelling storyline in Selling Sunset season 5, it’s unlikely that there will be an engagement or even a continued relationship between Emma and Micah in Selling Sunset season 6.

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