The cast members are one reason why the cozy series Gilmore Girls has endured, and Sean Gunn portrayed two different characters, one being more notable than the other. It was fairly typical for the popular show to feature actors in two roles, as Sherilyn Fenn played Jess Mariano’s father’s partner, Sasha, and then April Nardini’s mother, Anna. And while Rose Abdoo is known for playing the no-nonsense Stars Hollow mechanic Gypsy, she also played Emily’s housekeeper, Berta, in the Netflix revival A Year In The Life.


While Sean Gunn is recognized for his major Gilmore Girls role, he is also acclaimed for playing several characters in movies directed by his brother James Gunn, including Calender Man and Weasal in The Suicide Squad, which is another time when he played two characters in one story. He has also played Kraglin Obfonteri in the MCU. It’s compelling to compare the two characters Gunn played on Gilmore Girls as they don’t share much in common.

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Sean Gunn Is Known For Playing Kirk On Gilmore Girls

Kirk dressed as Luke on Gilmore Girls

One of Sean Gunn’s most famous characters is Kirk Gleason on Gilmore Girls. He’s a quirky Stars Hollow resident who treats Luke Danes like a father figure, falls in love with Lulu Kuschner, and has night terrors. Gunn is impressive in this role, as Kirk is unforgettable because he is offbeat and strange. He follows his gut instincts, from creating t-shirts that say “Babette ate oatmeal” about Lorelai’s neighbor to making a confusing and random black-and-white short film about a character’s first interaction with his girlfriend’s family.

While Kirk’s many Gilmore Girls jobs are humorous to watch, the character does experience growth, which makes his overall arc cohesive rather than just entertaining. He opens up to Lulu and is able to commit to her, and he begins forming relationships in the town beyond just being close with his mother, as he enjoys spending time with Lorelai and sees her as an adult who can help him through tough times in his life. He also cherishes living in Stars Hollow and likes having a positive relationship with the other residents.

Gunn Also Played An Internet Installer In Season 1

Sean Gunn as Mick talking to Lorelai outside her house on Gilmore Girls

Sean Gunn also played DSL installer Mick in Gilmore Girls season 1, episode 2, “The Lorelais’ First Day At Chilton.” While this brief appearance isn’t very memorable, the overall storyline is humorous since Lorelai tells Emily that she wants slow internet because that means she can make a sandwich while waiting. Kirk’s best Gilmore Girls episodes reflect the offbeat nature of Gunn’s popular character, and since Mick only appears once and doesn’t have any personality traits that stand out, it was smart to change him to Kirk a few episodes after.

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