Check out “Everything You Need To Know Before Fast X”, the new installment of Screen Rant Popcorn Video on Snapchat, before seeing the movie.

Screen Rant’s Snapchat is going strong, and this week is prepping viewers for one of the biggest movies around with “Everything You Need To Know Before Fast X”. Screen Rant’s joins its TikTok and Screen Rant Plus YouTube Channel as premiere ways to access quick exclusive content in easy-to-digest formats. Screen Rant’s TikTok boasts over 3.1 million likes and its YouTube channel has tens of thousands of subscribers, making Snapchat the next natural step in Screen Rant’s expansion across social media.


Snapchat offers new ways for Screen Rant to deliver fresh content about the biggest films and television shows of today. It is a perfect companion for the Screen Rant TikTok, which features selected interview clips and informative dives into films and television, and the Screen Rant Plus YouTube Channel which is the go-to destination for full exclusive interviews. Scan below to check Screen Rant out on Snapchat!

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Check Out Screen Rant’s Popcorn Video “Everything You Need To Know Before Fast X” on Snapchat

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Screen Rant Popcorn Video is Screen Rant’s first Snapchat series, and each week it takes on a new hit film or show. “Everything You Need To Know Before Fast X” is a quick explainer of the events and characters that matter in Fast X, making it an easy way to brush up on a franchise that is ten films in. While the notoriously convoluted Fast & Furious timeline has largely been straightened out in time for the final films in the franchise, there is still much worth remembering before seeing the series’ latest entry.

Of course, “Everything You Need To Know Before Fast X” is far from the only thing on offer at Screen Rant’s Snapchat. Previous Screen Rant Popcorn Video entries include “Everything You Need To Know Before GotG Vol 3!” and “Everything You Missed in D&D!”. New entries drop every week, so be sure to subscribe to Screen Rant on Snapchat now.

What’s more, Screen Rant Popcorn Video will soon be joined by new exclusive series. Other popular lines of Screen Rant content are being developed for Snapchat, so following the site on the platform is the only surefire way not to miss any upcoming releases. Subscribe to Screen Rant on Snapchat today!

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