Warning: Spoilers ahead for Scream 6!

Now that Scream 6 has finally arrived, the latest addition to the Scream franchise has left viewers with plenty of unanswered questions. Of course, the Scream movies have always left some crucial questions unanswered. Some of these, like the question of where Billy Loomis’s parents were during Scream, have played a major role in the franchise’s next sequel. Others are left unresolved and may not be mentioned for entire movies at a time, as evidenced when Scream 6 alluded to the possibility that Stu Macher might have secretly survived the events of Scream.

Scream 6 is no different, with the ending of this meta-slasher sequel leaving viewers with a slew of new questions. Some of these may shape the plot of Scream 7, while others will likely be left unanswered. Scream 6’s version of Ghostface turned out to be a very different beast from the villain’s franchise predecessors since, for the first time in the series, there were not one, not two, but three characters donning the iconic mask. It turned out that the seemingly dead Quinn, her father, detective Bailey, and her brother Ethan were all the killers, and Sam and Tara managed to defeat all three villains. However, not every loose end was wrapped up.

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Who Is Richie, Ethan & Quinn Bailey’s Mother?

scream 6 bailey

At the end of Scream 6, it is revealed that Quinn, Bailey, and Chad’s roommate Ethan are a family and working together to avenge a lost relative. In a clever twist trying Scream 2022 to its sequel, Scream 6 revealed that the trio is Richie Kirsch’s family. However, if Bailey is his father and Quinn and Ethan are Richie’s siblings, who is his mother? Their whole family is accounted for except for Richie’s mother, and since Billy Loomis’s previously unseen grieving mother came back as a killer one movie after his death, it stands to reason that this could prove to be a pivotal omission.

Is Sam Carpenter Really Destined To Be A Killer?

Melissa Barrera in Scream VI. 

Like Scream 2022, Scream 6 plays up Sam’s killer instinct via her brief, hallucinatory glimpses of her biological father, Billy Loomis. Both movies use this as a red herring to place suspicion on Sam. However, Sam seemed like a ruthless killer at the end of both films. It could be a mistake for the Scream franchise to turn Sam into its next killer since she is a resilient and likable Final Girl. However, the series still seemed to sow the seeds of this potential twist in Scream 6’s brutal ending.

Could Stu Macher Appear In Scream 7?

Scream 6 Ghostface Stu

In conversation with Kirby, Mindy mentions that some think Stu Macher is alive. This seems to make the odds of the character’s return much higher, especially after Scream 2022 and Scream 6 both managed to give Skeet Ulrich a role as Stu’s co-conspirator Billy Loomis. Of course, it was always unlikely that Scream 6 would be the movie to bring back Stu since Sidney wasn’t a part of its story. However, while Neve Campbell’s Scream 6 exit shut down Stu’s legacy cameo, her potential return could facilitate his return.

Will Sidney Prescott Ever Return To A Scream Movie?

Sam and Tara crawling in Scream 6 juxtaposed with Sidney in Scream (2022)

It seems likely that Sidney will return in Scream 7 since she survived the events of Scream 6 unscathed. While it made sense for Sidney to have no involvement with this saga chapter (since its plot revolved around the family of Sam’s ex seeking revenge against Sam and her family), the next Scream sequel could boast a closer connection to the original story of the series. This leads to whether Scream 7’s Final Girl will be Sidney or Sam if Campbell does return. However, since Jenna Ortega’s Tara is Scream 6’s Final Girl as much as Sam, this one is almost impossible to predict.

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Is Ethan Still Alive After Scream 6?

Scream 6 Ethan

Ethan Landry received the same onscreen death as Stu Macher, who Scream 6, confirmed could still be alive. On a meta-level, he is also played by Avatar 2 hero Jack Champion, a star who is likely to only grow more high-profile by the time of Scream 7’s release. Since he shares a death with Stu, it would make sense for Ethan to return if Matthew Lillard’s villain does make a comeback. However, without the rest of the Kirsch clan, Ethan may not have a meaningful role left to play in Scream 7.

How Did Chad Survive His Scream 6 Injuries?

Chad Meeks Martin outside looking around in Scream 5

Two Ghostface killers brutally stab Chad simultaneously in Scream 6’s end, and his death is arguably the most poignant moment in the sequel. Since Scream 6 couldn’t repeat Scream 2022’s best shock, the sequel needed a painful death. This is why it was so surprising when Scream 6’s ending revealed that Chad somehow survived multiple stab wounds straight through the torso, an almost impossible achievement. The best explanation for this would, of course, be the revelation that he wore a bulletproof vest like Scream 4’s Deputy Hicks.

Will Scream 6’s “Core Four” Stay In New York City?

Core Four in Scream 6 in Front of Ghostface Graffiti

It would be understandable if the Core Four no longer felt safe in New York City after the events of Scream 6. However, it would not make much sense for them to return to the small town of Woodsboro, where every earlier iteration of Ghostface struck (save for Scream 3’s surprise killer, an LA-based slasher). While returning to Woodsboro would facilitate a more traditional Scream 7, this would also be tough to justify in narrative terms, making it hard to predict whether the Core For will remain in the Big Apple.

What’s Next For Kirby & Gale After Scream 6?

Scream 6 Kirby

After Scream 6’s surprisingly high survival rate, Scream 7 risks bringing back too many returning characters. Gale, Kirby, Mindy, Chad, Sam, Tara, and potentially Sidney could all come back, making for a huge cast. Furthermore, these characters are all well-liked, meaning viewers won’t necessarily want to see them die in Scream 7. If Scream 7 does undo Sidney Prescott’s Scream 6 absence with a Neve Campbell comeback, the sequel doesn’t necessarily need to bring back Kirby and Gale. However, after Scream 6 left them alive, the next Scream sequel would at least need to explain their whereabouts.

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