According to Scream 6 directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, I Think You Should Leave creator Tim Robinson has a brief vocal cameo at the beginning of the film. The former Saturday Night Life star and comedian has helmed his own sketch comedy series on Netflix since 2019, with season 3 set to premiere on the streaming service on May 30. Meanwhile, Scream 6 continues the story of Melissa Barrera’s Sam Carpenter as she and her friends find themselves targeted by a Ghostface with an obsession for the past in New York City.

When speaking to The Wrap following an impressive, record-setting opening weekend box office for Scream 6, Bettinelli-Olpin and Gillett reveal that Robinson made a brief vocal cameo as a minor character in one of the film’s early scenes. He voices Quinn Bailey’s (Liana Liberato) boyfriend, who never appears onscreen but is hiding in Quinn’s bedroom when Sam arrives home. Robinson is heard through the door as Quinn and Sam have a conversation with one another.

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Scream 6 Continues The Franchise’s Love Of Easter Eggs And Cameos

Ghostface in the Scream 6 teaser trailer on the subway

Like previous franchise installments, Scream 6 isn’t short of nods to other popular pieces of media and horror films. In Scream 6‘s intense New York subway sequence, a number of costumed civilians surround the main characters as Ghostface stalks them, hiding among the other costumes as they slowly move in for the kill. Alongside people dressed in Ghostface’s white mask and black robe, other passengers are dressed as more recognizable modern horror icons, including the Babadook, and fellow Scream 6 star Samara Weaving’s Ready or Not protagonist Grace le Domas.

Outside of nods to other horror hits, Scream 6 also features numerous callbacks to every prior entry in the franchise through its chilling Ghostface shrine. Through her investigations, Scream 4 survivor-turned-FBI special agent Kirby Reed discovers an exhibition set up in an abandoned theater dedicated to previous Ghostface cases from Woodsboro and beyond, complete with the outfits of both killers and victims. The shrine also contains weapons and other notable items involved in each entry, such as the television which crushed Stu Macher, leading to his death, which is even debated in-universe.

The Scream franchise is no stranger to referencing other movies thanks to its cast’s awareness of horror film clichés, with later installments expanding its perspective to comment on other genres, trends, and growing forms of media. It now has become common practice for the new movies to feature subtle homages to the current state of pop culture, so it’s almost fitting that Robinson found his way into Scream 6. It takes a lot of focus to catch his cameo, though, so viewers better keep their ears open.

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