Sam LaRusso and Tory Nichol’s complex Cobra Kai season 6 relationship is teased by Peyton List, hinting at a new dynamic following season 5’s events.

Peyton List teases a new, unprecedented dynamic between Tory Nichols and Mary Mouser’s Sam LaRusso when they face each other in Cobra Kai season 6, following season 5’s brief alliance between the rivals. Mouser joined the sequel series to The Karate Kid during season 1, with List first joining in a recurring role throughout seasons 2 and 3, before becoming a main cast member in the following seasons.

After season 5 saw Tory and Sam seemingly bring their feud to a close ahead of Cobra Kai‘s final season, List teased that audiences will see the pair share a new dynamic with one another when speaking to PureWow. While the star stated she was unaware of any specific details surrounding the upcoming season 6, List confirmed the pair will have a different dynamic after working together, expressing that she was curious to see how their relationship changes in the last season. Check out List’s full response below:


“I have no idea where it’s going for the next season, but it’s definitely gonna be different. I mean, Sam and Tory haven’t been in a room and not fought in so long, especially fighting together so I’m really curious [to see] where they’re gonna take the storyline.”

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How Tory And Sam’s Relationship Has Evolved Across Cobra Kai

Throughout the events of Cobra Kai‘s earlier seasons, Tory and Sam have held a complex, long-lasting rivalry with one another after Tory made her debut. After a troubled childhood shaped Tory’s harsh worldview, she joined the Cobra Kai Dojo, quickly developing a feud with Sam over a series of incidents and love triangles with LaRusso. After Tory faces expulsion from school for her part in the high-school karate war and Kreese (Martin Klove) reclaims his place as owner and sensei of the dojo, Tory becomes one of the dojo’s most loyal students.

While Tory and Sam’s conflicts continued throughout Cobra Kai seasons 3 and 4, the end of season 4 marked a turning point for Tory. After her supposed victory in the All-Valley tournament, Tory is devastated after she discovers Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) bribed the dojo’s way to victory, leaving her feeling cheated of the chance to prove herself. After revealing that she hopes to expose Silver’s various misdeeds and LaRusso learns of Tory’s troubled home life, Sam and Tory join forces to expose the corrupt sensei by helping broadcast Silver’s confession.

Tory and Sam hold one of the most intense rivalries within Cobra Kai, each girl came from different backgrounds and quickly developed an opinion of each other that saw them engage in brutal showdowns. Despite this, season 5 not only saw the pair join forces over a common foe, but Tory let Sam see her troubled life, opening up to her rival. With their most notable conflicts resolved, List’s hints at Tory and Sam’s new dynamic suggest that the pair could develop a more amicable, perhaps friend-like dynamic as Cobra Kai comes to a close.

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