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  • Fans of the movie “The Nice Guys” have a deep appreciation for the chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, as well as the sweet father-daughter bond portrayed in the film.
  • Viewers believe that Ryan Gosling genuinely enjoyed filming “The Nice Guys” and show their support for a potential sequel.
  • The growing fondness and appreciation for “The Nice Guys” may increase the chances of a sequel being made, as fans hope to will it into existence.

Although The Nice Guys was released seven years ago, the movie starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe is finding overnight adoration from viewers, with even demands for a sequel. The black comedy follows enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) and private investigator Holland March (Gosling) as their cases get intertwined with the disappearance of a young girl, Amelia (Margot Qualley). Although the black comedy was met with near-universal positive reviews, the movie had a lukewarm box office performance, only collecting $62.8 million on a $50 million budget. However, over time, The Nice Guys has experienced a growing fondness from viewers, who have slowly discovered the movie through streaming and physical copies.

Recently, The Nice Guys was trending on Twitter as users expressed their appreciation for the movie. Read the comments below:

One commentator reveals they have watched the movie “50 times” due to the chemistry between Gosling and Crowe and the father-daughter relationship between Holland and Holly (Angourie Rice).

Another user retweets a fanmade clip of the movie, focusing mostly on Gosling’s character. They then exclaim that Gosling likely loved filming this movie alongside Barbie.

One user posted a clip of Crowe and Gosling, who appear to be at a press conference for the movie. It seems that they were asked about a potential follow-up, with Crowe answering he was busy while Gosling was far more interested. The user then makes a claim, hoping for an ’80s set sequel for the movie.

Another commentator responds to the same video, noting that more people are starting to discover The Nice Guys. They believe this esteem could open the chances for a sequel.

One commentator provides their review of why they loved the black comedy. They cite the buddy cop as having great comedy, beautiful ’70s production design, and the dynamic duo between Gosling and Crowe.

Another user expresses their disbelief that there has yet to be a sequel to The Nice Guys after seven years.

Lastly, one commentator responded to a post about Gosling’s movie and which was their favorite. They picked The Nice Guys, particularly complimenting Gosling and repeating the same sentiments about deserving a sequel.

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