Roblox’s 2 impending TV show video game adaptations set up an interesting – if somewhat unusual – future for adaptations should they succeed.

The news that two Roblox TV shows are on the horizon establishes a weird and wonderful future for the world of video game adaptations. With the game platform Roblox having made 2.2 billion dollars in 2022 alone based on financial reports, it makes plenty of sense for companies to look to utilize the clear popularity of some of its games for further success. Despite this, however, few were likely anticipating this to come in the form of TV adaptations.

By and large, current TV show adaptations revolve around video games that have well-established worlds and lore. This is in part because it provides a helpfully fleshed-out backdrop to begin show development from, and because it means if the source material is adapted well, there’s a good chance of enticing the game’s audience to see the show or movie involved. With adapting a Roblox game, this is a little more complicated – especially because the two impending shows are decidedly different in tone and content.

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Roblox’s Incoming Series Are Adaptations Few Expected

Roblox Creatures of Sonaria

The Roblox games Creatures of Sonaria and the Twilight Daycare Series are both set to see TV adaptations in the impending future – which is especially notable for two reasons. Firstly, Roblox hasn’t had anything in the way of show adaptations of its games before, which naturally makes the news the two are on the horizon at once something of a surprise. Secondly, the nature of these two games makes them unusual candidates for TV show adaptations.

Creatures of Sonaria does have lore in the sense that its setting – that of Sonaria itself and the species that live within it – but doesn’t have a storyline in the way that other video game adaptations like The Last Of Us or Halo do. Similarly, the Twilight Daycare Series game also doesn’t have a plot outside of being set in a daycare, which also makes it an initially unlikely candidate for adaptation. However, the initial announcement of the latter show did get 103k views on Youtube, establishing there is clear interest in the series.

Roblox’s TV Success Could Spell The Future For More Unusual Adaptations

A screenshot from the Roblox animation titled

One successful Roblox video game adaptation could potentially be written off as down to novelty, but the fact there are two impending shows means that if both succeed, it inherently reflects well upon Roblox itself. With this in mind – and the continued goliath financial success of the game platform itself – it’s clear that if these shows do well, they will bring an influx of further adaptations, potentially then leading into further and more experimental TV adaptations by setting a precedent for it. This means the show’s impact could affect plenty of people who never intend to watch either – making the prospect of the series even more unusual and intriguing.

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