Archie Comics and Webtoon’s hit partnership is bringing fans of Riverdale another season of Big Ethel Energy with new romantic challenges ahead!

WEBTOON and Archie Comics‘ partnership is returning, as a second season of the webcomic series Big Ethel Energy has officially begun. Fans of Riverdale will be excited to see the titular heroine pursuing her writing career after having written a history of her hometown in the first season. This award-winning series will focus on her journalism and romantic relationship after high school.

As of today, new episodes of Big Ethel Energy are available on Webtoon. The series has the creative team of Keryl Brown Ahmed and Siobhan Keenan. The Ringo Award nominated Archie Comics series (Best Webcomic 2022) began in September 2021 and has since been published as a graphic novel. Now Ethel is dating Moose Mason and their relationship will be put to the test.

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Ethel’s Fan-Favorite Spin-Off Begins a New Arc

Big Ethel Energy is the first collaboration between Archie Comics and Webtoon, making its success particularly special. Archie Comics was founded in 1939, with the titular hero Archie Andrews first debuting in Pep Comics #22 in 1941 (though he was originally known as Chick.) Ethel Muggs, the heroine of her titular webcomic, made her debut in 1962. She was included within the CW show Riverdale and has now taken the spotlight for herself with an alternate take on her history. Her ability to adapt to different forms of storytelling helps to accentuate the things that make Archie Comics so classic and long-lasting. The issue’s summary reads:

Season 1 of Big Ethel Energy found Ethel writing a history of Riverdale. Initially excited to take down Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, and the other Riverdale natives who made her life hell years ago, the only thing Ethel forgets to consider is… maybe they’ve all changed, too. In Season 2, Ethel is ready to let go of the past and give love a shot, but maintaining a relationship with Moose Mason is more challenging that she thought it would be. Will miscommunication, doubt, and their meddlesome friends in Riverdale cause Ethel and Moose to fall apart, or will they emerge even stronger?

Archie Comics Is Tackling Stories for a New Generation

Archie’s characters have been fan-favorite comic heroes for years. They have starred in humorous, slice-of-life adventures, but have also delved into the paranormal and horror genres with twists like Afterlife with Archie, Vampironica, and Chilling Adventures Presents… Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe of Horrors from the Archie Horror imprint. These assorted comic and media ventures have proven that Archie and his friends are not just here to stay, but to adapt and grow with the current generations of readers. Archie Comics’ Senior Director of Editorial, Jamie L. Rotante says:

This has beeen the natural progression of long-term storytelling for Archie – focusing on heartwarming, romance-fueled stories that allow the characters the space and time to grow and change, suitable for a modern audience. Ethel is our fearless leader, and season 2 continues her journey navigating the tricky waters of balancing a job that can be more political than she expected, a new relationship and the ups and downs that brings, and understanding the evolution of her friendships and her place in her hometown of Riverdale. Getting to read these scripts from Keryl has been a joy, and I’m constantly captivated by Siobhan’s gorgeous art.

Webtoon VP of Content, David Lee, adds:

It’s been incredible to introduce the iconic Ethel Muggs to a new generation of fans on WEBTOON. Archie has been a fan-favorite for decades because its relatable characters can transform for new stories and formats. With Season 1 a resounding success, we’re excited to continue our work with Archie Comics to bring these beloved characters to WEBTOON’s global audience.

Archie Comics and Webtoon has delivered a series that has continued to pique readers’ interests, in a medium that – while similar to traditional comics – allows for a broader audience reach. Considering how well Ethel’s individual title has done so far, it would not be surprising to see more success in the series’ future. Archie Comic and Webtoon fans can read new episodes of Big Ethel Energy every Wednesday, beginning today.

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