Ride 5 is the latest in the series of impressively realistic motorcycle racing game simulations developed by Milestone S.r.l. Ride 5 is only available on current-generation game systems, allowing it to pay more attention to details such as a dynamic weather system, improved AI for other racers, and more. Though the game is difficult with a steep learning curve, it also offers a very rewarding feeling of progress and improvement.

The last title in the series, Ride 4, came out in 2020 and utilized the technology of the PS5 and other top-of-the-line systems to create a very realistic feel for racers. Now several years later, Ride 5 has taken this foundation and made it even better by focusing only on the current gen systems and using technology to their advantage with highly detailed graphics and physics. On the PS5, Ride 5 also makes use of the DualSense controllers to add vibrations, sounds, and more to increase the immersion while playing.

Impressive Realism And Attention To Detail In Motorcycle Physics

Ride 5 Several Motorcycles Racing

Staying true to the aim to be authentic and realistic, the physics for motorcycle racing in Ride 5 are calculated so precisely that even the temperature of the asphalt can affect driving conditions. Every bump or corner is designed to reflect accurately with the tires and suspension of the bike that is being used, and players can further customize their suspension, transmission, vehicle geometry, and electronics on their motorcycles. Every bike has its own lean speeds to add a realistic feel that corresponds with the real-life bike counterpart.

The most highly touted upgrade in Ride 5 is the new Dynamic Weather System that calculates real-time track and air temperature to create realistic weather changes during a race, meaning that it can change from sunny to rainy while a player is driving. New 3D volumetric clouds also add immersive visuals with a realistic sky. The game provides over 200 events in Career mode and over 30 tracks to experience, with more coming in future DLC, and each of these has their own strategies and weather patterns.

Character Design Could Be Improved Upon, But Bikes And Scenery Are Beautiful

Character Design In Ride 5

Players don’t see their characters very often in Ride 5 because of the helmets and obvious focus on the road in front of them and everything going on during races. That said, however, the lack of many options for character design was still disappointing. Probably more importantly, Ride 5 includes hundreds of licensed motorcycles, with more coming, and the ability to add stickers and decorate the bikes. Between the gorgeous bikes and the realistic scenery, it is easy to overlook the poor character design choices.

Several Gameplay Modes Including Career, Multiplayer, Endurance Races, And Customized Options

Beautiful Scenery of mountain cliff after the rider emerges from a tunnel In Ride 5

Ride 5 offers everyone a huge variety of options for playing the way they want to, with many different gameplay modes.

  • Career Mode: Players race through several events as they move up the leaderboard. This mode includes a narrator and ten specific AI rivals who have their own personalities and backgrounds to add to the competitive feel.
  • Endurance Races: This mode allows people to hone their skills through time trials and single races.
  • Multiplayer: Ride 5 offers cross-play support for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S as well as split-screen local play.
  • Customization Options: A race creator mode allows players to craft their own races with choices of motorcycle categories and rules.

Season Pass Content Coming

Ride 5 three motorcycles racing in the rain

Ride 5 has an optional Season Pass for their upcoming DLCs that will add at least six new tracks and 33 bikes to the game. The Season Pass will be released in February 2024 and also includes a Credits Multiplier to allow racers to earn double credits.

Overall, Ride 5 is a stunningly realistic approach to motorcycle racing simulations. It features immersive graphics and physics that can cause races to be simultaneously challenging and rewarding, while also providing some rider aids to help those who are struggling with the difficulty. The depth of content that is available with the various game modes will allow people to spend countless hours racing and playing around in their virtual garage decorating and tweaking their bikes. Anyone who is a fan of racing, particularly motorcycle racing, should absolutely give Ride 5 a try.

Source: Milestone Team/YouTube

Ride 5 is available now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms. Screen Rant was provided with a digital PS5 download code for the purpose of this review.

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