• New The Walking Dead fan art brings Rick and Morgan’s story full circle by imagining the two reuniting for one last fight against a horde of walkers.
  • Given Morgan’s history with Rick and his open-ended exit from Fear the Walking Dead, a return in the upcoming Rick & Michonne spinoff doesn’t feel out of the question.
  • The Rick and Morgan storyline from season 1 remains a memorable part of the show’s history, and seeing the characters reunite would be a powerful way to end both of their stories.

An impressive piece of The Walking Dead fan art reunites Rick and Morgan for one last fight, concluding the duo’s story that began so many years ago. Based on the comics by Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead first premiered on AMC in 2010, introducing audiences to Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, who quickly connects with Lenny Jones’ Morgan. While the main show has now come to an end, Rick is next set to return in his very own spinoff with Danai Gurira’s Michonne.

As the wait for Rick’s return in The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live continues, a new piece of fan art from Bassel Galal on Instagram imagines Rick and Morgan reconnecting once more. Check out the art below:

The image imagines Rick and Morgan fighting off a horde of the undead with a caption that reads, “They have to end it as they started it all,” suggesting that such a scene would bring the show’s story full circle.

Will Morgan Return In The Rick & Michonne Spinoff?

Morgan uses a walkie talkie in The Walking Dead

While playing an important role in the main show, Morgan eventually moves over to the spinoff show Fear the Walking Dead, where he serves as a central character. Jones’ character survives the events of the spinoff show and departs in season 8, meaning it’s certainly possible that he will return in one of the upcoming Walking Dead spinoffs. Considering Morgan’s history with Rick, the Rick & Michonne spinoff feels like the most likely one he could reappear in.

Jones himself has commented on the chances of Morgan reuniting with Rick, with the actor teasing that, while his Fear the Walking Dead story may be over, it’s always possible that a new chapter will seem him bump into some familiar faces. Morgan directly states in his final episode that he’s going to look for Rick, but the actor hints that his character could just as easily reunite with Norman Reedus’ Daryl or Lauren Cohan’s Maggie on their own respective spinoffs.

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Much of The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live remains shrouded in mystery, but the show definitely appears to be a story focused on the relationship between Rick and Michonne. Morgan played such an important role in Rick’s life, however, and his story was left so open-ended, that it does feel quite likely that he will eventually reunite with his former apocalypse companion. While it’s unclear what the future holds, The Walking Dead‘s original episodes with Rick and Morgan remain some of the show’s strongest, and a reunion between the two would indeed help to bring everything full circle.

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