Rick and Michonne are re-uniting in behind-the-scenes The Walking Dead spin-off images as filming officially begins for Rick and Michonne’s show.

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Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira are finally reuniting on the set of The Walking Dead‘s newest spin-off, and AMC has released new behind-the-scenes photos as filming begins. The actors, who play Rick and Michonne respectively, will be starring in the six-episode limited series, which will premiere on AMC and AMC+. They will be portraying a fraught love story as they face off against the dead and the living alike.

While the images don’t reveal much about what the season will look like, they do tease what the season will look like and how Rick and Michonne will stick together throughout The Walking Dead‘s spin-off. Check out the images below:

Rick and Michonne's chairs in The Walking Dead on set

Rick and Michonne holding hands in the Walking Dead


Source: AMCN Entertainment Group

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