The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Joe Gorga is under fire after a video surfaces of him partying with a mystery woman who is not his wife.

Joe Gorga faced criticism from The Real Housewives of New Jersey fans over a video that surfaced online showing him partying hard with a mystery woman and not his wife Melissa Gorga. Joe and Melissa are under fire as RHONJ season 13 rolls out and shows the buildup to their absence at Teresa Giudice’s wedding. The first three episodes showed the Gorgas venting their frustrations about Teresa to everyone but Teresa. Joe even got aggressive with Luis Ruelas over his in-laws not receiving invites to Teresa and Luis’ wedding.


The Gorgas were already called out for their role in the RHONJ family feud. So fans were quick to blast his questionable actions when a video surfaced online showing Joe slinging back shots with an unidentified woman. Truth of Bravo tweeted out a video clip showing Joe allowing a woman to take a body shot of tequila from his chest.

After taking half of the shot, the woman poured the remainder of the shot into Joe’s mouth and gave him a hug. Joe laughed with the woman and his friend, who was behind the camera filming the video. “So respectful?Truth of Bravo wrote along with the thinking emoji. “Where is Melissa. I bet she didn’t care,@itsCarisa1 said in response. Another shared a photo Melissa took in the Bahamas where Joe was allegedly partying.

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RHONJ’s Joe Gorga Called Out For Not Wearing Wedding Ring

Joe and Melissa Gorga from RHONJ

Some fans noticed that Joe wasn’t wearing his wedding ring while partying with the mystery woman, with @itsCarisa1 wondering if he only wears his ring “for the cameras?” After watching Joe blow up at Luis over his in-laws not receiving wedding invites, @suznjoe66 questioned what “tiny Joe would say if this was Luis???” All eyes are on Joe and Melissa as they seemingly transition into villain terrain. Cheating rumors have plagued the married couple in the past. Early seasons saw Melissa being accused of stripping and cheating on Joe. RHONJ season 11 saw the Gorgas hit a rough patch in their marriage due to trust and communication issues.

But Joe and Melissa have always remained a solid team through it all. The Gorgas’ happy at-home life has often put that on the receiving end of accusations that they might fake their marital woes for a RHONJ storyline. Outside of fighting with Teresa, there isn’t much going on in the Gorga household that warrants a central storyline. Teresa’s fans often claim that if not for the OG housewife, the Gorgas might’ve been replaced years ago. The accusations and criticism are resurfacing amid the current family quarrel between Teresa and the Gorgas. Fans have been sounding off about the latest family drama between Teresa and Joe. The brother and sister have been battling it out on the show since RHONJ season 3.

While there’s some frustration with the ongoing storyline, there’s still a lot of engagement in the latest developments of the feud. RHONJ season 13 is all about Giudice versus Gorga once again. As unfortunate as it is to see a real-life brother and sister fight on television, Teresa and Joe have seemingly become accustomed to resolving their conflicts in front of the cameras instead of behind. But looking at the responses to Joe’s latest behavior, he and Melissa might’ve secured themselves a RHONJ season 14 storyline.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo.

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