The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmates Kyle Richards and Camille Grammer had an impromptu meetup at the dentist’s office recently. The pair of frenemies has a long history of tumultuous friendship, going back to at least RHOBH season 1. This reunion was seemingly very random, but after the recent meetup between Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice from RHONJ, there’s been some wariness of recorded but unplanned reunions of any kind.

In a recent Instagram video, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Camille Grammer and Kyle were seen chatting and embracing despite their past and time apart. Camille captioned the post by saying, “This wasn’t planned,” possibly in reference to the seemingly unplanned reunion recently between the Joes in the Bravo-verse.


The pair chatted about The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip and their respective seasons of the spin-off show. They also discussed Brandi Glanville and Ramona Singer, former cast members with whom they have both had interesting interactions. The women then ended the video by profusely claiming that they are friends and do actually enjoy each other’s presence, despite what their time on screen together may allude to.

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RHONJ’s Joe Gorga & Joe Giudice Also Have Recent Unplanned Reunion

RHONJ's Joe and Melissa Gorga

It has been a recent topic of drama that Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice recently had a supposedly unplanned meetup in the Bahamas, which was filmed and posted online. The video looked a bit staged and caused quite a bit of backlash online for that exact reason. Both Joe Gorga and wife Melissa Gorga claimed online that the reunion was not, in fact, planned in any way and that it was filmed to show the nice family reunion. Joe Giudice’s family disagreed publicly and caused increased discourse online.

Camille and Kyle’s impromptu run-in felt eerily similar to the one between the Joes, which also took place recently. That could be because the two meetups were so close together time-wise and less about their actual similarities. Kyle and Camille’s meetup felt more serendipitous considering it was at a dentist’s office, and the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area is quite large. The fact that their reunion was filmed is a bit suspicious, but these women live their lives in front of the cameras, so having a phone pointed in their direction is pretty normal for them.

Camille and Kyle will most likely never be on screen together on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the future. However, since they have both appeared on RHUGT, they may be able to spend some time on screen together, traveling somewhere fun, with a bunch of other Real Housewives alums. It is quite hard to understand that Camille and Kyle are now friends, but the best way to test that theory is for Andy Cohen to send them to an island with a bunch of drinks and cameras.

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