The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kyle Richards is looking forward to moving on from the negativity, after her rough storyline during season 12.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 12 was full of extreme drama for Kyle Richards, and she is ready to move forward. Kyle had a rough season, especially being in the middle of the feud between her sister Kathy Hilton and friend, Lisa Rinna. RHOBH season 13 may prove to be a major change for Kyle and the cast members, which would suit Kyle just fine.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hill‘s Kyle Richards is an original franchise cast member, and has seen many feuds throughout the show’s run. Her ongoing drama has fueled a lot of the storylines. Cast members were involved in tense situations, including Lisa Vanderpump, and this triggered plenty of the issues within the cast. However, two of Kyle’s most troubled rivalries have been with her sisters, Kathy and Kim Richards. This past season is not the exception in terms of drama. The feud between the siblings caused issues among the series’ stars, but clashing with one of her sisters created the most stress for Kyle.


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RHOBH’s Kyle Richards Feuds With Kathy Hilton Again

To Hollywood Life, Kyle expressed a desire to move on from the RHOBH season 12 fireworks. “So I just want to move on from the negativity and the toxicity,” she said. The relationship with her sister Kathy was a major factor in this drama. However, this stage had been set in earlier seasons, when the former child actresses-turned-reality stars Kim Richards and Kyle had a vicious verbal fight in a limo. Very personal information came out, with Kyle accusing her sister of being an alcoholic. This was a storyline that Kim never wanted featured on the series.

Not only did this exposure cause a huge rift between the sisters, but it also created tension with older sister, Kathy Hilton. A very private person, Kathy hated seeing the family’s dirty laundry showcased on television. This feud foreshadowed why Kyle is still not speaking to Kathy. Kyle shared personal tidbits about her family, particularly their mother, on the television show that she helped to create, American Woman. That certainly seemed to bother Kathy. Kyle’s disclosures sparked years of feuding between the sisters. It’s no wonder that when her sisterly relationship was threatened, and personal information about Kathy seemed like it might come out, Kyle would feel overwhelmed. What made matters worse is that the person putting her in Kathy’s crosshairs was her supposed close friend, fellow RHOBH star Lisa Rinna.

New RHOBH Cast, Less Toxicity

RHOBH Housewife Lisa Rinna posing in long earrings

With Lisa leaving the cast, moving on might be easier for Kyle. The feud between Kathy and Lisa was a significant reason for the toxicity that Kyle endured. Lisa was the central pot stirrer, asking Kathy to “own her” lousy behavior towards Kyle, as per the show. Lisa was also trying to force the sisters to address issues that they would have preferred to keep private.

Fans agree, saying that they think the next installment will be a better season for Kyle. Reddit user chromaticaboob predicted, “As we know Kyle and Kathy’s relationship did not end well last season. If Kathy returns (no doubt she will as she is a fan favourite) then I think they will mend things, especially now that Lisa Rinna has been fired. This will be Kyle’s main storyline for the season.” While there was lots of other drama in RHOBH season 12, the feud between the two sisters was challenging to watch, especially for fans who supported Kathy.

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As filming for the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills begins, viewers must stay tuned in, so they can see if this truly is a lighter and happier experience for Kyle. Without Lisa, Kyle and Kathy may have had an opportunity to mend their broken relationship, helping everyone to move past last season’s negativity.

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