• Remnant 2 offers a range of difficulty settings, each with unique rewards upon completion.
  • The difficulty settings, Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse, progressively become harder, with Apocalypse being the toughest and requiring completion of Nightmare first.
  • Completing each difficulty unlocks two hidden weapons, a melee weapon and a long gun, with unique features and abilities that can be devastating in gameplay. Hardcore mode adds its own challenge and unlocks a special weapon called the Savior.

Remnant 2 offers a number of difficulty settings for its campaign, and most of these options unlock unique rewards upon completion. As a Soulslike game that shakes things up with a mix between swords, guns, and other eclectic weapons, Remnant 2 offers a high level of challenge to those who seek it. Beating the game on its more intense difficulty settings could prove intensely hard, so the value of the rewards for completing such a task is especially important.

The full slate of difficulties offered in Remnant 2 comprises Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse, a roster of names that makes it clear just how hard any of these can be. As the easiest difficulty to beat the game on, Survivor doesn’t offer unique rewards, but each setting above it introduces something new to urge players onward. Survivor, Veteran, and Nightmare are all available by default, while unlocking Apocalypse requires the successful completion of a playthrough on Nightmare difficulty. Newcomers are better off ignoring this particular challenge, but veterans of the first game or the Soulslike genre could more feasibly step up to the challenge.

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Rewards For Completing Each Remnant 2 Difficulty

Remnant 2 Brabus Arms Dealer Shop with World's Edge Weapon Unlocked

Each difficulty setting above Survivor unlocks two hidden weapons that rank among the best weapons in Remnant 2, all obtainable from Brabus at Ward 13. Veteran difficulty gives access to Smolder and Spore Bloom, Nightmare opens up Hero’s Sword and Repulsor, and Apocalypse leads the way to Starkiller and World’s Edge. Each of these pairs features one Melee weapon and one Long Gun, although some of the melee weapons can deal powerful projectile attacks as well.








Charge attacks deal fire damage over time

Spore Bloom

Long Gun


High DPS and Spore Shot mod that slows enemies and deals damage with gas clouds

Hero’s Sword



Charge attacks unleash a single target energy wave


Long Gun


Banish mod temporarily sends enemies to an alternate dimension and increases the weapon’s damage upon the effect’s end


Long Gun


Gravity Core mod that sucks enemies into a black hole and deals explosive damage

World’s Edge



Charge attacks unleash a wide enemy wave for splash damage

Remnant 2’s Hardcore Mode Adds Its Own Unlocks

Savior Long Gun in Remnant 2 as shown in a menu.

Remnant 2 has one additional difficulty feature outside the standard difficulty settings, arriving in the form of the Hardcore mode. Turning on Hardcore makes death permanent, meaning one mistake will signal the end of a playthrough. This challenge does add one other weapon after beating the final Remnant 2 boss, a Long Gun called the Savior that can cause fire and ricochet damage. A number of accessories that provide various buffs can also be equipped after a Hardcore run.

Remnant 2‘s higher difficulties may be punishing, but the weapons that can only be acquired by taking on this challenge provide rewarding and fun features in gameplay. No one weapon in Remnant 2 is designed to dwarf any of the others in power, but the unique abilities attached to options like the World’s Edge can be devastating in the right situations. The rewards for beating Remnant 2 on Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse difficulty offer an exciting form of motivation to reward true dedication.

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