• Red, White & Royal Blue, a popular novel turned movie, captivated audiences with its grounded and relatable romance.
  • Composer Drum & Lace’s musical score elevated the emotions of the film, and a unique vinyl picture disk is being released to celebrate her work.
  • The Red, White & Royal Blue soundtrack, with 26 original tracks by Drum & Lace, is held on a single vinyl that features eye-catching flag graphics and is a must-have for record collectors.

Years in the making, Red, White & Royal Blue brings a popular novel and a touching romance into live action. Casey McQuiston’s book of the same name was published in 2019, where it quickly became the talk of TikTok and turned into something of a viral sensation; Red, White & Royal Blue first images appeared to bring the novel faithfully to life. The story, which sees the son of the President of the United States fall in love with Prince Henry of England, was praised for the grounded and relatable way in which its central relationship unfolds.

A key member of Red, White & Royal Blue’s creative team is composer Drum & Lace—a.k.a. Sofia degli Alessandri-Hultquist—who elevated the emotional highs and lows of the movie with her musical score. To celebrate the work Drum & Lace did on Red, White & Royal Blue, Lakeshore Records is releasing a unique vinyl picture disk; Screen Rant is excited to offer a first look. Check it out below:

red white royal blue vinyl

More About the Red, White & Royal Blue—Amazon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Vinyl Release


The Red, White & Royal Blue—Amazon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album boasts 26 tracks of original music by Drum & Lace, plus a film-exclusive version of Oliver Sim’s song “Fruit”. Drum & Lace is known for fantastic scores on projects like Rosaline and the underrated streaming show Dickinson and continues to utilize lush soundscapes and delicate melodies to cut right to the core of the story. The 27 tracks on the Red, White & Royal Blue soundtrack are held on a single vinyl, with 14 tracks on Side A and 13 on Side B.

The Red, White & Royal Blue—Amazon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack vinyl itself is something to behold. In addition to featuring a sweet picture from the film as album art, the vinyl record itself boasts eye-catching flag graphics. The vinyl is a fun way to experience the film’s music once more in hi-fi fashion and has a look worthy of any record collection.

Red, White & Royal Blue is out now on Prime Video. Red, White & Royal Blue (Amazon Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is available on digital platforms now. The vinyl will be released in January 2024 and can be pre-ordered here.

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