With a similarity that’s uncanny, the real-life version of Better Call Saul’s Saul Goodman has been found on television. It’s been almost a year since the Breaking Bad spinoff aired its last episode, leading to a flurry of debates about its legacy and its undeniable strengths. The biggest, arguably, was Bob Odenkirk’s performance in the lead role. Having to essentially play three variations on the same person, with Jimmy, Saul, and later, Gene, in the black-and-white timeline, Odenkirk’s performance helped to anchor the series and take it to new heights.


But it was the persona of Saul Goodman, with his colorful suits and theatrics, that is the most visually memorable. A TikTok, by Argel Amador Ruiz, claims to have found his double.

In the short clip, accompanied by the Better Call Saul theme music, a man is wearing a blue suit and gesticulating with his hands as Saul might. The two also share a similar face and hairstyle.

Saul Goodman’s Persona Was Crucial To The Show’s Early Seasons

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy in a pink suit playing the bagpipe

When it was first announced, when there had yet to be a clear picture of what the show could be, there was some thought that Better Call Saul could have been a relatively lighthearted procedural that focused on a zany case-of-the-week. The first episode even seems to go in this direction, with Odenkirk’s character putting his unconventional lawyerly skills to good use, but its serialized elements were swiftly made clear.

Even within that framework, however, so much charm in the early seasons relies on building up the Saul Goodman persona before Jimmy McGill decides to fully embrace it. Like some of the very best series, almost everything that Better Call Saul is about is present in those early seasons. The suits and the somewhat false persona that Jimmy felt he had to lean on. His inability to know where the line is, to push past it because it provides a temporary thrill. The TikTok of the lookalike is similar to the look of Jimmy in the earlier seasons before he embraced his more colorful wardrobe.

Better Call Saul becomes considerably bleaker by its end. But in the finale, too, as he’s much older, Jimmy leans on the Saul persona one last time even as he’s essentially staring down a life behind bars. The look that makes the character so easy to cosplay, and easy to find doubles of, is more than a visual choice. It’s central to the series is about. Even beyond the finale, people are still finding ways to celebrate the series in creative ways like on TikTok.

Source: Argel Amador Ruiz / TikTok

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