A new Reacher season 2 video announces that filming has wrapped on the next chapter, paired with a perfect joke about the beloved character.

Over a year after the show made its hit debut, a Reacher season 2 video has announced that filming has wrapped on the next chapter. The Prime Video series marks the second adaptation of Lee Child’s action-crime novels after the Tom Cruise-led films, with Alan Ritchson taking on the mantle of the former U.S. Army military policeman wrapped up in a variety of conspiracies. Scoring widespread acclaim for its faithfulness to the source material and performance, Reacher scored a season 2 renewal just three days after its premiere.


Prime Video has taken to Twitter to announce that Reacher season 2 has officially wrapped filming.

In an announcement video seen above from Alan Ritchson, the star looks bloodied from his time filming the next chapter of the hit Prime Video series. Despite his appearance, Ritchson is all smiles hyping up Reacher season 2, even standing next to a grandiose clapboard bigger than him, tapping into the joke surrounding his character’s height.

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How The Reacher Show Improved On The Tom Cruise Movies


The Tom Cruise Jack Reacher movies may not have been critical hits, but the Reacher show immediately cleared the bar set by its predecessors in a variety of fashions. One of the biggest elements, which is poked fun at in the Reacher season 2 wrap video, is the difference in height between Cruise and new star Ritchson, the former of whom was nearly a foot shorter than the book’s description of a 6’5″ character, while the latter came just shy at 6’2″.

Another of the more celebrated elements was the decision by showrunner Nick Santora to be even more faithful to the books than the Cruise movies, namely adapting Reacher season 1 on the original novel, Killing Floor. Not only does a series format allow the extent of the source material to be explored on screen, but also allows the writers to better highlight some of the more unique aspects of the books, including Reacher’s minimal dialogue to other characters. With the novels also largely featuring an inner monologue from the character, the show would see him verbalize his thoughts, though not without going against the spirit of Child’s books.

Despite the love for season 1, however, Reacher season 2 is looking to take a few big risks. The story will be jumping novels, electing to adapt the eleventh book in the series Bad Luck and Trouble, while only a handful of stars will be returning, not including fan-favorites Willa Fitzgerald and Malcolm Goodwin. However, with Reacher season 2 expected to further explore his and Neagley’s relationship, there should be plenty of exciting new things in store for audiences come the show’s expected late 2023 return.

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