The Razzies have opted not to award the Worst Actress prize to anyone this year. When the nominations for the bad movie awards were announced this January, they were instantly mired in controversy. Included on the list was Ryan Kiera Armstrong, the 12-year-old star of the Blumhouse remake Firestarter, a nomination they rescinded after online reactions accused them of bullying a child.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the 2023 Razzie Award winners have been announced. While a lot of the usual suspects were awarded, including the Jared Leto superhero vehicle Morbius and Tom Hanks’ villainous performance in Elvis, the Worst Actress award went to The Razzies themselves. They opted to own their mistake rather than award one of the other nominees, which included Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic World Dominion, Diane Keaton in Mack & Rita, Alicia Silverstone in The Requin, and Kaya Scodelario in The King’s Daughter.


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The Razzies Have Squandered the Goodwill Halle Berry Gave Them in the 2000s

Halle Berry Catwoman Razzie Acceptance

The Razzies have always been an outsider award ceremony that doesn’t get acknowledged by the establishment during awards season. However, Monster’s Ball Oscar winner Halle Berry gave the ceremony one of their biggest wins in 2004. She became one of the only Razzie winners to accept her award and make a speech when she won Worst Actress for Catwoman.

While the Razzies were created in a spirit of fun that Berry embraced, they have waded into controversy from the beginning. This includes nominating Shelley Duvall for her performance in 1980’s The Shining in their very first year. While they recently rescinded that nomination, the past few years have been tough for the Razzies.

In 2022, they came under fire for creating a special award making fun of Bruce Willis’ glut of direct-to-video movies. While they initially stood by their decision, they eventually eliminated the category in the wake of his diagnosis of aphasia and subsequent retirement. This, combined with their 2023 nomination for Armstrong, is a one-two punch of controversy that has put The Razzies in an even more negative light that they will have to work hard to eliminate if they want to keep receiving the mainstream attention they have in previous years.

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