Tevin Wakefield makes an impact when he is introduced on the Netflix superhero series Raising Dion, and he is one of its most popular characters.

Played Rome Flynn, Raising Dion‘s Tevon Wakefield was a memorable part of the Netflix series as he changed the lives of several main characters. Adapted from the short film and comic book written by Dennis Liu, the show follows Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright) as she takes care of her son, Dion (Ja’Siah Young), and grieves the loss of her husband, Mark (Michael B. Jordan). However, Dion is no ordinary child: he has several powers, including the ability to change ions, allowing him to heal animals and people, become invisible, and create fire. While each episode of Raising Dion is moving and shares a story about the bonds of family, Netflix canceled the series after season 2.


The unforgettable characters of Raising Dion reflect the show’s classic themes of good versus evil, with Pat Rollins (Jason Ritter) able to turn into the Crooked Man, the main villain who wants to kill Dion. In Raising Don season 1, episode 9, “ISSUE #109: Storm Killer,” Nicole becomes even more determined to keep Dion away from danger, but, with the Crooked Man taking control of Brayden Mills (Griffin Robert Faulkner), a new villain is present. Tevin Wakefield’s Raising Dion character arrives at a riveting time in the series and is a likable person who fits right in.

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Tevin Wakefield Became Dion’s New Trainer At BIONA In Season 2

Tevin Wakefield smiling in Raising Dion

Tevin Wakefield’s Raising Dion arc starts in the season 2 episode “ISSUE #201: A Hero Returns,” when he begins training Dion at BIONA. He is drawn to the child immediately, as he respects his strength, and he has his own powers, including the ability to shift ions. One of the most likable Raising Dion characters, Tevin knows that he can help Dion learn more about his powers, and the two form a sweet bond. As Tevin suffered from anxiety and found peace and happiness through exercise, he is the right person to support Dion through any challenges or tough times.

Tevin Had A Relationship With Nicole Warren

Tevin and Nicole standing together on Raising Dion

Tevin and Nicole’s romance is the most significant part of his arc on Raising Don, as she is unsure about his place in her son’s life at first, given the disaster that resulted from Pat helping Dion with his powers and seeming to be a positive and healthy presence in his childhood. Nicole’s sister, Kat Neese (Jazmyn Simon), can tell that falling in love will be good for Nicole. This plotline proves Nicole is a stubborn but caring, realistic parent, as she is frightened of Tevin harming Dion, but she learns to let go of this worry.

While Nicole is an intelligent Raising Dion character, she needs to open herself up to love, and she and Tevin have a short but impactful relationship. The dangers of this world are never far away, and on their first date, she shares that she will likely die from becoming infected at the Sinkhole. However, by the time Nicole puts a magic serum in the Sinkhole and halts the infections, she is glad that she took the risk with Tevin, as she doesn’t want to be afraid to be vulnerable or care about someone after her husband’s death.

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