Warning: contains spoilers for X-Men #22A terrifying encounter with an advanced Sentinel reveals that X-Men’s archenemies of Orchis have found a way to utilize Wolverine‘s adamantium bones after Logan left multiple skeletons of his in an Orchis lab during Wolverine’s repeated deaths in Inferno.


Wolverine’s adamantium bones are infamously durable. Logan’s metal skeleton has been coveted by many enemies of the mutants over the years, including the CIA’s X-Desk buying Wolverine’s severed hand in auction recently, but this latest use of his adamantium is putting Krakoa at serious risk of harm.

X-Men #22 X-Sentinels Wolverine's Adamantium Skeleton

X-Men #22 – from writer Gerry Duggan and artists Joshua Cassara and Marte Gracia – sees Cyclops, Forge, and Firestar infiltrating an Orchis “medical tent” to save a young mutant named Woofer, before they are attacked by a vicious and deadly X-Sentinel, a robot created from one of Wolverine’s skeletons.

Wolverine Has Given Orchis A Terrifying Weapon Against Krakoa

X-Men #22 X-Sentinel Brought Online

Orchis is beginning the various early stages of their upcoming war against Krakoa and the X-Men, which will cause the focus of the upcoming Fall of X event. Besides gathering or creating more warriors for their cause, they are also using forceful and manipulative propaganda to sway humanity against mutantkind, including convincing gullible mutants to take a “cure” for the X-Gene, and stripping them of their identities and powers. In X-Men #22 the young mutant Woofer, who can turn light into sound, is convinced into signing paperwork giving Orchis permission to remove his X-Gene. When Woofer protests after realizing it is not what he wants, Orchis attempts to “cure” him anyways, which is when Cyclops, Forge, and Firestar intervene.

The team is quickly attacked by a creature that calls itself “Sentinel Zero.” Forge correctly posits that the X-Sentinel is, “…a Sentinel with a chassis built from a dead Logan.” Wolverine has been littering his adamantium skeleton across the world since the Krakoan Era introduced mutant resurrection, but a reasonable guess would be that many of Orchis’ Wolverine skeletons came from his assault on the Orchis labs with X-Force during Inferno #1. Wolverine and X-Force assault Orchis multiple times in this issue, trying different ways to take down the ultimate sentient Sentinel Nimrod. However, Logan did not realize that every time he dies, he is freely giving away a wildly powerful weapon to Orchis. Orchis scientist Doctor Mars has created the X-Sentinel, and there are at least ten more ready for deployment.

Only The Most Powerful Mutants Can Take Down An X-Sentinel

X-Men #22 Firestar Destroying X-Sentinel

Wolverine is one of the most difficult characters in Marvel Comics to defeat. Not only he has an unrivaled regenerative healing factor, but his skeleton is made of the indestructible metal called adamantium. The powerful mutant Firestar must go through a lot to defeat just a single X-Sentinel, proving just how dangerous Wolverine’s bones can be in the wrong hands. Even Firestar’s full power can only destroy the Sentinel chassis built around Wolverine’s skeleton, but not damage the skeleton itself. The various new Sentinel robots developed by Orchis, like Feilong’s Stark Sentinels based on Iron Man tech, are all deadly, but the new X-Sentinels created with Wolverine’s adamantium skeletons are on another level of danger, giving Orchis a perfect anti-mutant weapon in their coming war.

X-Men #22 from Marvel Comics is available now.

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