Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent has distanced herself from her ex-fiance Randall Emmett, but she’s speaking out in the new Hulu documentary, The Randall Scandal. With the drama between Randall and Lala not having played out on screen in the last several seasons of Vanderpump Rules, it’s been somewhat confusing for viewers who haven’t looked into Randall’s various scandals to follow. While Lala has declined to speak about Randall on the show, especially following his legal issues in the last few years, it’s clear that it’s taken a toll on her life and impacted her role on Vanderpump Rules considerably.

Lala and Randall first appeared publicly as a couple in 2018, though they’d been together since 2016. After Randall’s divorce from his ex-wife Ambyr Childers, he and Lala took their relationship public. Randall was never a main cast member on the series, but he appeared in several episodes. After Randall’s split from Lala, it was clear that he was missing from the show. Though Lala has tried to keep Randall’s issues outside Vanderpump Rules, the impact they’ve had on her life are insurmountable. After being silent for quite some time, her choice to speak out in The Randall Scandal is a fascinating shift.



5 Randall Emmett Was Unknown Before Vanderpump Rules

Prior to his time on Vanderpump Rules, Randall wasn’t in the public eye, despite his career in the entertainment industry. As a producer, Randall worked behind the scenes to produce films for television and theatrical release. He wanted to remain as anonymous as possible, even when he started dating public personality, Lala. Early on in their relationship, Lala referred to Randall as “my man” on Vanderpump Rules, refusing to give his name and pull him into the public eye. Later, once his identity became public, she did refer to him by name, but tried not to bring him up in conversation until he was comfortable actually appearing on the series.

4 Randall Emmett Has Over 30 Lawsuits

Throughout his ongoing legal battles, Randall has amassed over 30 lawsuits, all alleging different things against the disgraced film producer. Since 2010, Randall and his business partner have had lawsuits filed against them that primarily allege abuse and fraud. With Randall getting into the public eye, his legal troubles began to get more pressurized, especially considering the allegations against him. Several of the lawsuits against Randall will be explained throughout The Randall Scandal.

3 Randall Emmett’s Assistants Will Break Their Silence

In the trailer for The Randall Scandal, one of the most shocking moments occurs when several of Randall’s past assistants announce themselves and share that they’ll be breaking their silence on Randall’s behavior towards them. While they don’t allege much in the trailer, it’s clear that Randall didn’t treat his assistants well, and they have a lot to say about their time working with him. One assistant explains that the first time they met Randall, “he was in his underwear,” which feels like a chaotic start to any position.

2 Randall Emmett’s Use Of Drugs & Derogatory Words

While it’s not confirmed in the trailer for The Randall Scandal, one of Randall’s former assistants mentions something about “a bag of cocaine,” which may allude to the fact that Randall was doing drugs at the time. The assistants also speak candidly on Randall’s behavior, with one explaining that Randall’s use of “the n-word” was “where [he drew] the line” with his boss at the time. With Randall displaying erratic behavior and using incredibly harmful, derogatory language to his employees, it’s clear there’s at least some merit in the allegations against his character.

1 Lala Kent & Her Mother Make An Appearance

Lala and her mother, Lisa Burningham, are set to appear in The Randall Scandal, sitting down to discuss the damage that Randall has caused. Lala and Randall, who share a daughter named Ocean, split after he cheated on her with multiple women. Now with his legal battles still ongoing, Lala has done her best to stay quiet on the topic of her ex in the media. The Vanderpump Rules star, who is rarely anything but open and honest when she does an interview, and her mother will speak openly in the documentary, and hopefully it will answer any lingering questions about the defunct relationship.

Sources: ABC News/YouTube

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