Star Trek: Strange New Worlds co-executive producer Chris Fisher echoes many fans’ wishes for the series’ seasons to have more than 10 episodes.

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  • Chris Fisher wants Star Trek: Strange New Worlds to have longer seasons with up to 20 episodes per year.
  • He believes the show has great potential and could potentially run for 10 years.
  • The production has faced delays due to COVID and a strike, resulting in only 20 episodes being made in 4 years.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds co-executive producer and director Chris Fisher wants the series to go up to 20 episodes per season. Strange New Worlds just wrapped up its highly-acclaimed season 2 with “Hegemony,” the 10th episode (and 20th for the series overall) that focused on Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) and the USS Enterprise facing the Gorn. Strange New Worlds season 2 genre-hopped successfully from legal drama, to time travel romance, to comedy, to Star Trek’s first-ever musical episode.

Appearing on The 7th Rule podcast hosted by Cirroc Lofton and Ryan T. Husk, co-executive producer Chris Fisher discussed Strange New Worlds‘ season 2 finale. Fisher mused about how long Strange New Worlds could potentially run, and he echoes many fans’ wishes that each season has more episodes. Read Fisher’s quote and check out the video of The 7th Rule below. (Fisher’s quote begins at the 59:09 time stamp.)

I think the show has just started. We haven’t even… This could be a 10-year show. Everyone who works on it loves making it… Because of COVID, because of the strike, it’s taken 4 years to make 20 episodes. So hopefully, Paramount+ is smart and says, “Hey, let’s go make 20 a year. Let’s start making this show. This is gold.”

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 is streaming on Paramount+.

Source: The 7th Rule

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