Chelsea Lazkani played a controversial role in Selling Sunset season 6, and apparently one of her co-stars isn’t over it. Chelsea joined the Oppenheim Group in Selling Sunset season 5 when Christine Quinn recommended that the real estate brothers bring her on. Chelsea was immediately perceived as overly confident with no filter of her words. She was straight to the point with her colleagues from the jump, and most of them appreciated her style of communication regardless of her close relationship with Christine. But during Selling Sunset season 6, Chelsea went too far when she made judgmental comments about newcomer and friend of the “O” group veterans Bre Tiesi.


Selling Sunset’s Chelsea Lazkani shared uncalled-for opinions on the newbie’s family situation and is now claiming their on-screen argument went further than expected. ET asked Chelsea where she and Bre stand, and she responded that she plans to steer clear from her co-star. She continued, “I think she wants to kill me,” and that she “[wants] to stay alive for a very long time,” making a joke that the statement should be taken seriously. The interviewer asked Chelsea why she thinks Bre would feel that strongly, and she claimed to have heard Bre say the words herself.

Chelsea Lazkani Accuses Bre Tiesi Of Starting Selling Sunset Drama

Bre Tiesi in confessional room on Selling Sunset season 6

Bre originally felt Chelsea was the clear instigator of the issues and subsequent argument that ensued. However, Chelsea told ET that she believes the exact opposite–that the tension began with Bre and, further, that it was intentional. Referencing Chelsea’s broker’s open, she addressed how Bre accused her of inviting people she didn’t like to stir up drama, and that it wasn’t true. Chelsea argued that Bre was genuinely good friends with them all along, insinuating the latter was pushing a storyline, “Like, are you doing this for camera time?” Chelsea asked, adding that the situation was where their issues began, justifying her argument that Bre initiated their issues.

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The L.A. real estate agents clearly haven’t made amends, and neither Chelsea nor Bre seem to want to move towards that anytime soon. Chelsea said that she “heard” Bre say that she “wants to kill her” but didn’t specify whether she meant that it was said in her presence or that someone told her that Bre said it. Words can easily get twisted as they travel through the Oppenheim Group grapevine. Either way, with Chelsea’s belief that Bre feels that way, it’s unlikely that she will make the first move toward conciliation.

Chelsea’s comments about Bre’s family were inappropriate and egregious at times, but talking about killing someone over television drama is too. Bre hasn’t responded to this claim, and one can’t be certain that it was actually said. However, Chelsea’s comments were filmed and aired. If the two agents resolve their differences in the future, it would be one of the more surprising outcomes of reality TV. Since Selling Sunset season 7 was already filmed, and these comments are current, it looks like their drama will continue.

Selling Sunset season 6 is available to stream on Netflix.

Sources: ET, Chelsea Lazkani/Instagram

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