One of Selling Sunset’s newbies, Bre Tiesi, provided an update on the status of her relationship with Chelsea Lazkani. In Selling Sunset season 6, viewers were introduced to two new agents, Bre and Nicole Young. Whether they would engage in the oh-so-entertaining drama of the women at the Oppenheim Group was an anticipated question upon the announcement of their addition to the team. Unsurprisingly, they weren’t able to steer clear. In one of the episodes, confident British agent Chelsea took an insensitive take on Bre’s familial situation with Nick Cannon. She expressed disapproval of their untraditional relationship and referred to the father of Bre’s children as a “master manipulator.”


Selling Sunset’s Bre Tiesi shared some insight into how she and co-star Chelsea left off following their feud. In an interview with People, Bre said that she “stands nowhere with Chelsea except very far away from her.” The rookie agent clearly hasn’t forgiven Chelsea for her callous remarks about her family. When discussing the root of the problem, Bre expressed confusion as to why Chelsea took issue with her personal decisions. “It goes a little too far in my opinion,” she said. A reconciliation between the agents isn’t promising, from Bre’s side at least, as she added that she “[wishes] her the best,” and doesn’t intend on defending herself anymore.

Selling Sunset’s Bre Shares Nick Cannon Photos As Subtle Dig Toward Chelsea

Bre Tiesi from Selling Sunset smiling

Not only did Bre speak her mind on the issue in an interview, but she took to social media to further her stance. Bre shared multiple photos on Instagram of her, Nick, and their 9-month-old son, Legendary Love. The caption read in part, “We’re more than good over here,” closely resembling the sentiment she described in her conversation with People, where she said, “I’ll say we’re very happy over here and Chelsea’s the only one with the problem.” Bre made it clear that she found it ridiculous for Chelsea to criticize her personal family decisions when she, Nick, and their son are content with it themselves.

It would be one thing to object to a friend’s situation if they expressed concerns over it themselves. However, this was not the case with Chelsea. Not only did she make judgmental remarks about Bre’s family, but she justified her argument in that it differs from her religious beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their faith, so Chelsea’s disagreement with Bre’s decision isn’t necessarily the issue. The issue is that because everyone does have different views, no one can take a life path that is agreeable to everyone. Chelsea insulted Bre, the father of her children, and came after her for her decisions as a parent–and that is not acceptable.

Bre and Chelsea haven’t made amends, and the state of their friendship isn’t likely to change. Bre has every right to be upset with the comments made by Chelsea, and Chelsea shouldn’t have said what she said. Bre should be able to make personal decisions, not relative to the show whatsoever, without being criticized by her co-stars. The series revolves around empowered women selling luxury real estate in L.A., and it is catty, heartless commentary like Chelsea’s that steers the storyline from positive to negative. The drama of Selling Sunset is entertaining and accepted, so long as it doesn’t cross a line, and Chelsea did by a mile.

Selling Sunset season 6 is available to stream on Netflix.

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