As anticipation continues to grow for the next chapter of the show, Christian Linke has offered an exciting soundtrack update for Arcane season 2. Based on Riot Games’ League of Legends franchise, the Netflix animated showis set in a worldmelding magic with technology and explores the unrest between the rich city of Piltover and its oppressed underworld of Zaun, focusing primarily on sisters Vi and Jinx as traumatic events pit them against each other. Scoring critical acclaim, Arcane was swiftly renewed for season 2, which has been in production for over a year.


Just over a month after his last post about the series, Christian Linke took to Twitter to share a new Arcane season 2 update. Unfortunately for some fans in the comments, it was not a release window announcement for the show’s return, but instead a soundtrack update, hyping the music set to be featured in the next batch of episodes. Check out Linke’s post below:

Why Arcane Season 1’s Music Was So Important

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While it’s not clear whether Linke is referring to original composed music made for the show, which was done by Riot Games’ Alexander Temple and Alex Seaver, or full songs, Linke’s tease is sure to be exciting for those who enjoyed the music in Arcane season 1. The theme song in particular, “Enemy” by Imagine Dragons and rapper JID, quickly became a smash hit upon its release, becoming the latter’s first song to reach the top 5 in the US and the former’s first since 2017’s “Thunder”.

More importantly than becoming a hit, however, was that “Enemy” went a long way towards establishing the tone and style to come from Arcane season 1. Melding the hard-hitting and upbeat rock sensibilities of the band behind other such hits as “Radioactive”, used in a number of movies and shows, and “Friction,” memorably featured in the Mission: Impossible — Fallout trailer, with the faster stylings of indie artist JID, the theme song introduced audiences to the wilder nature of its animation, as well as the blending of cyberpunk and utopian settings.

Whether Linke’s tease is for a new theme song, track or original music from Temple and Seaver, his excitement for Arcane season 2‘s soundtrack is sure to appease those eagerly awaiting news on the next chapter of the series. Riot CEO Nicolo Laurent recently indicated this wait would still be a while as the creative team are still working to recapture the success of season 1, but this dedication to making it just right may work in its favor.

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