Mad Max: Fury Road star Charlize Theron has weighed in on Anya Taylor-Joy stepping into her role for the upcoming Furiosa prequel film. With the prequel scheduled for a 2024 release, Taylor-Joy is set to play a younger version of the post-apocalyptic warrior Imperator Furiosa who first appeared in George Miller’s critically acclaimed 2015 film. The fifth film set within Miller’s Mad Max franchise and the first movie not to feature the character Max Rockatansky, Taylor-Joy is joined on screen by Marvel star Chris Hemsworth in an undisclosed role.


Recently Theron spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road prequel and was asked whether she had spoken to Taylor-Joy about the role. Revealing that she had only met Taylor-Joy “years ago” and had not crossed paths since the former Furiosa actor clarified that she had not yet spoken to her successor. Nonetheless, she was confident that the Queen’s Gambit star will do the character justice, suggesting she “can’t think of a better actress” to tackle the part. Check out her other comments below:

“I met her years ago and I haven’t really been around her at a function or anything like that… I think she’s going to be totally OK. Without talking to me, she’s going to be absolutely fine.”

Why Charlize Theron’s Furiosa Will Be A Hard Act For Anya Taylor-Joy To Follow

Furiosa in the rig in Mad Max Fury Road

From her own previous admissions, Theron had a fair share of issues during Mad Max: Fury Road‘s production. Between well-publicized tensions with her co-star Tom Hardy and struggling to understand the story Miller was attempting to tell, the actor previously suggested that her time spent on the 2015 film was her most demanding project ever. Nonetheless, she remains proud of her work and regards Furiosa as one of “the most important characters I have ever played.”

Earning rave reviews and winning a total of six Academy Awards, Mad Max: Fury Road not only provided Theron with the opportunity to showcase her bona fides as an action star but also saw her infuse her character with the depth and inner strength that would turn Furiosa into a modern-day feminist icon. Overshadowing the film’s titular character, Theron’s turn as Immortan Joe’s former war captain would set a near impossibly high bar for any actor to follow.

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However, if anyone has a serious chance of doing Theron’s turn as Furiosa justice, it would likely be the quickly rising star of Anya Taylor-Joy. Boasting a diverse and eclectic range of screen credits, the Peaky Blinders star is rapidly proving a favorite with critics and audiences alike. Set to be Taylor-Joy’s most action-intensive role to date, Furiosa is certain to provide her with her own set of challenges, though it would seem that Theron is more than confident that she will overcome them.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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