Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for The Last of Us Part II video game!The Last of Us star Bella Ramsay gives an update on season 2 of the show, teasing a brutal twist from The Last of Us Part II game. Ramsay stars as Ellie in The Last of Us, a young survivor who is immune to cordyceps infection. The end of season 1 saw her friend and surrogate father Joel (Pedro Pascal) murder dozens of Fireflies to keep them from killing Ellie in hopes of using her to find a cure.


Speaking with Vanity Fair, Ramsay teased The Last of Us season 2 will have a major focus on revenge. This hints at a gut-wrenching twist in The Last of Us Part II video game, where Joel is killed by Abby, a survivor connected to the Fireflies he murdered. Check out what Ramsay had to say below:

It’s darker. It’s really a story about revenge, and a continuation from the first season about the dangers of unconditional love.

What Ellie’s Story In The Last Of Us Season 2 Will Be Like

Ellie pointing a rifle at David and James in Last of Us episode 8

Following Joel’s death in The Last of Us Part II, Elie goes on a quest for revenge, murdering dozens of people that are part of Abby’s group. The game then switches perspective to show Abby’s side of the story, revealing the surgeon Joel killed at the end of The Last of Us was her father. Much like Ramsay’s statement about The Last of Us season 2, The Last of Us Part II is about the cycle of revenge and the pain it can lead to.

It’s unclear when The Last of Us will kill Joel, as showrunner Craig Mazin has teased The Last of Us season 2 will be split into two parts to account for the much larger story of the game it’s adapting. While a one-to-one adaptation would mean Joel dies early into the season, the show could also change the timeline of events given the number of flashbacks featuring Joel in The Last of Us Part II. However, Ramsay’s statement about revenge hints Joel may not make it past the start of The Last of Us season 2.

It’s also possible The Last of Us season 2 does something different from the game. The Last of Us Part II received some backlash for killing Joel, something that may be echoed in The Last of Us season 2 due to Pascal’s popularity as an actor. While Ramsay’s statement hints at Joel’s death, The Last of Us season 2 could throw everyone for a loop to keep Pascal on the show. Even so, it’s more than likely Joel will die in The Last of Us season 2 just as his game counterpart did, the catalyst for Ellie’s path of revenge.

Source: Vanity Fair

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