Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Fire & Blood, the book on which House of the Dragon is based.House of the Dragon season 2 is going to introduce five new dragons, and the setup for the story hints at which ones it will be. The dragons are among the biggest draws of House of the Dragon, and an aspect where it really delivered in season 1. Much like Game of Thrones before it, the spectacle and CGI were incredibly impressive, but the prequel also went further in establishing the bonds between the Targaryens and their beasts, and in making sure each dragon was distinct.

That was necessary, as there were a total of 10 dragons in House of the Dragon season 1, including: Syrax (Rhaenyra Targaryen’s dragon); Caraxes (Daemon Targaryen’s); Seasmoke (Laenor Velaryon’s); Meleys (Rhaenys Targaryen’s); Vermax (Jacaerys Velaryon’s); Vhagar (Laena Velaryon and then Aemond Targaryen’s); Sunfyre (Aegon Targaryen’s); Dreamfyre (Helaena Targaryen’s); Arrax (Lucerys Velaryon’s); and Vermithor (currently unclaimed). House of the Dragon season 2 has five dragons to introduce, as per showrunner Ryan Condal, so getting them right will be crucial as the Dance of the Dragons truly begins, and here’s a guide to who the newcomers will likely be.

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5 Tessarion

Aemond, Daeron, and Aegon Targaryen in Fire & Blood

One of the new characters expected to arrive in House of the Dragon season 2 is Prince Daeron Targaryen, the fourth and youngest child of Viserys Targaryen and Alicent Hightower. Daeron was conspicuous by his absence in season 1, at least to readers of Fire & Blood, with it since revealed that he was off in Oldtown, serving as ward to House Hightower. When author George R.R. Martin addressed Daeron being missing from House of the Dragon, he said there hadn’t been time to work him into the season, with the implication he would appear in the future.

Assuming Daeron does emerge in House of the Dragon season 2, then it would make sense for his dragon, Tessarion, to be with him, Tessarion is a relatively small dragon – around 1/3 of the size of the likes of Vhagar and Vermithor – but is nonetheless capable of taking part in battle. Tessarion, with dark blue wings and body accented by copper, is regarded as one of the most beautiful dragons in the Seven Kingdoms, so that alone should be great for bringing to life on screen and making one of the most visually interesting dragons yet.

Her biggest fight is the Battle of the Honeywine, a large land battle in the Reach involving the forces of House Hightower fighting against armies of the blacks attacking from north and south. With the greens struggling and suffering heavy losses, Daeron and Tessarion are responsible for turning the tide of the battle and ultimately winning the day as the blacks’ land forces could not stand against a dragon. That should be their biggest moment in the show, and it’s possible that will happen late in House of the Dragon season 2, but if not it could be early in season 3.

4 Silverwing

First Battle of Tumbleton in Fire & Blood

House of the Dragon season 1, episode 10 introduced Vermithor, the dragon Daemon sang to in High Valyrion. Combined with Daemon directly mentioning her by name, it’s good sign for Silverwing appearing in House of the Dragon season 2, because the two are mates and often found together, having previously been flown by King Jaehaerys I Targaryen and his wife, Queen Alysanne Targaryen. Silver in color, she’s not quite on the same size as Vermithor, but is still a large, powerful dragon who is almost 100-years-old by the time of the Dance of the Dragons, and doesn’t currently have a rider.

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House of the Dragon season 2 will include the Sowing of the Seeds, with the blacks attempting to find people with traces of Targaryen blood (called dragonseeds) to fly the riderless dragons. Silverwing will be claimed by a man-at-arms called Ulf the White during the Sowing, which all but guarantees she will appear next season. She goes on to have a decent-sized role in the Dance of the Dragons: where House of the Dragon season 2 is concerned, her biggest role outside the Sowing would be the Battle of the Gullet, a huge sea battle which includes multiple dragons including Vermithor, and will be huge for the fate of Jacaerys Velaryon.

3 Sheepstealer

Nettles rides Sheepstealer in Game of Thrones Histories and Lore

Daemon also referenced the three wild dragons currently living on Dragonstone in the House of the Dragon season 1 finale. Whether all three of them will appear remains to be seen – Entertainment Weekly reported they had been designed and were some of season 1’s co-showrunner Miguel Sapocnik’s favorites – but if one is guaranteed, it’s Sheepstealer. So named for reasons that ought to be quite obvious, Sheepstealer is the only one of the wild dragons who is actually claimed by a rider during the Sowing, and goes on to play an important role in the Dance.

Sheepstealer is a large, fierce dragon who bonds with Nettles, a bastard girl from Driftmark who’ll be among House of the Dragon season 2’s new characters, during the Sowing. Nettles is able to claim Sheepstealer by leaving a dead sheep out of him every morning, ensuring he grew used to her and came to welcome her presence. Nettles will fly on Sheepstealer during the Battle of the Gullet, alongside Vermithor, Silverwing, Seasmoke (now ridden by a dragonseed called Addam of Hull), and Vermax. Based on House of the Dragon‘s timeline, that battle could well happen at the very end of season 2.

2 The Cannibal

The Cannibal Wild Dragon House Of The Dragon Fire & Blood

Another of the wild dragons, the Cannibal is easily the biggest, oldest, and most vicious of the three, being around the same size and power as Vhagar and Vermithor. Similar to Sheepstealer, the Cannibal’s name is quite a literal one: it comes from it attacking and eating smaller dragons, as well as feasting on the corpses of dead dragons and also snatching dragon eggs if he just feels like a light snack. The Cannibal is so ferocious that he is left alone during the Sowing of the Seeds, with no one being brave (or dumb) enough to even think of trying to bond with him.

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He does still appear during it though, emerging to eat another dragon that someone did try to claim. The Cannibal doesn’t really have a major role in House of the Dragon season 2 or the Dance as a whole because he remains riderless. Still, as one of the four dragons who survive the Dance of the Dragons – alongside Sheepstealer, Silvering, and Morning (Rhaena Targaryen’s dragon) – and one who is so epic in size, scale, and potential awe-factor, it would be very difficult to leave him out.

1 Grey Ghost Or Moondancer

An image of Baela Velaryon and Moondancer in Fire & Blood. Created by Doug Wheatley
art by Doug Wheatley

There are a couple of main possibilities for the last of House of the Dragon season 2’s five new dragons. A strong contender would be Grey Ghost, the third and smallest of the wild dragons on Dragonstone. If all have been designed and Sheepstealer and the Cannibal are also going to appear, then Grey Ghost would be logical in that regard. He is mentioned during the Sowing, but dragonseeds are unable to find and claim him; that in turn means he could be easier to leave out, not having quite as active a role as the other dragons in House of the Dragon season 2.

If that happens, then the other clear option for House of the Dragon season 2’s new dragon is Moondancer, who is bonded with Baela Targaryen. She currently resides on Dragonstone, so would fit the story, but is not supposed to be big enough to ride at the very outset of the Dance of the Dragons. That means she could be saved for House of the Dragon season 3 – which would likely include her biggest moment, a fight against King Aegon II Targaryen and Sunfyre – but it’s already been confirmed Moondancer was cut from season 1. If the show wants to give Baela a bigger role, then having Moondancer in House of the Dragon season 2 would make sense.

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