Power Rangers is debuting a new team of Rangers in a horror-themed story which will see Lord Drakkon – the corrupted White Ranger – take the lead in a fallen world. The story takes place in the alternate Power Rangers universe known as the World of the Coinless, where a corrupted Tommy Oliver took over Earth. But now Drakkon is threatened by the person who literally made him who he is, his former mentor and partner-in-conquest, Rita Repulsa – and he’ll need a new team to defy her.


In celebration of the heroes’ 30th anniversary, BOOM! Studios is publishing a new 40-page one-shot comic entitled, Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless. As per a BOOM! Studios press release, the comic brings together a creative team steeped in Powers Rangers lore, with writer Adam Cesare, artist Moises Hidalgo, and letterer Ed Dukeshire all having experience working on Power Rangers projects in the past – now joined by colorist Arthur Hesli. Check out the issue’s amazing cover art below, from Dan Mora, Goni Montes, and Stephanie Hans, as well as BOOM! Studios’ summary of the issue.

Power Rangers’ Darkest Timeline Is in Danger

As if the medium-spanning, fan-favorite villain Drakkon wasn’t enough of a threat, Mistress Vile has special plans of her own… ones that will bring the Rangers’ greatest foe into our world! But this scheming isn’t without consequences for Drakkon, and he’ll have to take a page from Zordon’s book if he wants the world of The Coinless to survive.

The plot of Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless focuses on a push by Mistress Vile – Rita’s identity after defeating Lord Zed – to take over the World of the Coinless. The reality of the Coinless diverged from mainstream canon after Tommy Oliver awoke from Rita’s control. However, in a twist that rewrote the canon of the beloved ’90s show, she eventually coaxed him back to her side. The two managed to defeat the Power Rangers and strip them of their Power Coins, though several of the heroes escaped to become a resistance group known as the Coinless. Now, Drakkon will assemble his own Rangers to combat Rita’s latest scheme.

Lord Drakkon Is Getting His Own Power Rangers

power rangers lord drakon new team

While the World of the Coinless is its own reality, that doesn’t mean the story won’t affect the mainstream Rangers. Drakkon previously crossed over into the Prime Universe, narrowly failing to beat the team, and Rita’s plan in the new series will likely once again see her trawling the multiverse for dark allies. Speaking about the project, Cesare says:

I got to work in the world of the Power Rangers once before, a short story way back during Shattered Grid, and I’ve wanted back in ever since. And to get to help tell this story? Drakkon assembling a new team of rangers? And the Coinless world is super messed up so the storytelling’s coloring with shades of George Romero and Mad Max? And Moisés Freakin’ Hidalgo? Come on. This is incredible.

Lord Drakkon is not the only former Power Ranger on the World of the Coinless, there are others including Zack Taylor and Trini Kwan, who have mounted a resistance to Drakkon’s rule. Will they be members of Drakkon’s new Rangers team, or does he have his sights set on different allies? Fans will only find out when Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless hits shelves June 28, 2023, from BOOM! Studios.

Source: BOOM! Studios

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