In Pokémon Horizons episode 9, the main characters finally reach the Paldea region of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet fame. As Liko’s homeland and the destination of the mysterious black Rayquaza that came from Roy’s Poké Ball, the Paldea region is sure to have plenty to offer the new young heroes. Here’s how to join in the adventure with all the details on the series’ airing.


When Do Pokémon Horizons Episodes Release?

Pokemon Horizons: The shiny crystal Rayquaza seen in episode 6.

Pokémon Horizons is currently only airing on Japanese TV, on the channel TV Tokyo. It airs on Fridays at 6:55 PM JST, which is roughly equivalent to 5:55 AM on the U.S. East Coast and 2:55 A.M. on the West Coast. It’s sometimes possible to watch these channels on satellite TV, but viewers should note that the original broadcasts are without any form of subtitles, so an understanding of the Japanese language would be necessary to follow the plot. While a localized version has been announced for a 2023 release, no further details have been offered, so it’s not clear when fans outside of Japan can expect to see the new series in their native tongue.

What Happened in Pokémon Horizons Episode 8?

Pokemon Horizons: Dot lounging on her bed, seen in detail for the first time.

Episode 8 saw the airship make a supply trip into a city, where Roy and Professor Friede learned that the Explorers are now after the black Rayquaza and as such are on their way to Paldea. Roy also had his first wild Pokémon battle, defeating a Spearow. Liko remained aboard the airship to care for the Pokémon and watch a stream by Nidothing. She also attempted to befriend Dot, a reclusive member of the crew. Unbeknownst to Liko, though, Dot is actually the person behind Nidothing. The episode provided a look at Dot’s face and some of her (abrasive) personality, setting her up to be a potentially important character with an interest in Liko and Roy’s mysterious artifacts.

Pokémon Horizons Episode 9 Says Hello to the Paldea Region

Pokemon Horizons: Lechonk makes its anime debut

Episode 9 will see the ship landing in Paldea, where Liko is from. Liko is intending to go off and meet her mother, who hired the Rising Volt Tacklers crew to protect her and bring her home. Friede and Roy accompany her, intending to fill her in on what’s been happening. The episode preview shows Liko having an encounter with a Lechonk, which appears to be interested in something she’s carrying, possibly giving Liko her first wild Pokémon battle as well.

The preview also showed Dot outside her room, signaling a potentially big character moment for this new friend. It seems the airship will spend a fair amount of time in Paldea, as episode 10 is entitled “Nemona & Brassius,” suggesting the appearance of two beloved characters from the Scarlet and Violet games. The arrival of Pokémon Horizons‘ cast in the Paldea region is the start of a new arc for the still-young series, and the appearance of video game characters in the anime, as well as new Pokémon debuting in anime form, means that there’s plenty for fans to look forward to.

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