Warning: Spoilers for DC’s Legion of Bloom #1 Ahead!Poison Ivy‘s modern-day powerset makes her a threat on a global level, and she’s driving that point home with a brutal recreation of The Last of Us to take down a noxious street gang. Although she has not traditionally been in the habit of turning people into zombies, it’s a horrifying option Poison Ivy has explored more and more frequently as of late, and one she’s perfecting with deadly results.

A collection of Spring-themed one-offs, DC’s Legion of Bloom #1 kicks off with Ashley Allen, Isaac Goodheart, Cris Peter, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s Poison Ivy feature, ‘Growing Pains.’ Lying low and staying incognito in a florist’s, Ivy’s tranquility is ruined when a street gang shakes the store down for protection money. Ivy’s retaliation later that evening is cold and brutal, rapidly infesting the men who broke into her store and then siccing her new minions on the rest of their gang as her plants and fungi rapidly overtake them.

Poison Ivy Is Perfecting Her Zombie Powers


Poison Ivy has long been known for her ability to use plants to control others (not even Superman is immune), but this power has traditionally been expressed through using pollens, psychoactives, and pheromones to compel others to do her bidding. This new foray into infecting living bodies with plant life and letting the subsequent growth zombify the host is right out of The Last of Us‘ playbook, where a zombie apocalypse is triggered through a spreading parasitic fungus which transforms its hosts into growth-covered “infected.” Ivy’s zombies show similar lethality, with only three required to slaughter the entire offending gang and later transform their hideout into an overgrown mass of flesh, spores, and vines.

Terrifyingly, this is not the first time Ivy has experimented with a zombie apocalypse: G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara, Arif Prianto, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s Poison Ivy #1 saw Ivy driving across the country, attempting to infect the DC Universe by seeding granaries and shipping stores with the highly deadly Ophiocordyceps Lamia spores. Two of the earliest victims of the Lamia are shown to be reduced to masses of mushrooms and bone which begin to animate without her knowledge. Likewise, season 3, episode 9 of the animated series Harley Quinn, ‘Climax at Jazzapajizza,’ sees Ivy attempt to transform all of Gotham into wooden zombies in order to turn the city into her new ‘Edin.’ In short, it seems that Ivy is the DC Universe’s The Last of Us apocalypse in waiting.

Compared to those shambling masses, the “infected” Ivy uses against the gang are much more refined, with roots and vines corrupting the host body in a matter of panels. These new zombies are swift and absolutely vicious, particularly when compared to the meat-and-vegetable slurry the Lamia initially left behind, or the blank and wooden victims of her animated counterpart. Poison Ivy’s new methods of controlling her victims are very familiar to fans of The Last of Us, but they also show that she’s only growing more and more skillful with enacting this terrifying new obsession.

DC’s Legion of Bloom #1 is now available from DC Comics.

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