PlayStation has announced its first State of Play presentation of the year, set for February 2023. Here’s how to watch it and what games will show up.

PlayStation’s next State of Play event has been announced, and the presented lineup of attractions for February 2023 has also been teased by Sony. State of Play livestreams are PlayStation’s recurring method of announcing new games and bringing updates regarding previously revealed titles, be they first-party exclusives or made by third-party partners. These events have gained traction after the company revealed it would not be attending the annual E3 convention back in 2019, and have since been the main source of PlayStation news.

Throughout the year, PlayStation tends to hold multiple State of Play events with various information in each presentation. Some are focused equally on multiple games, while others are centered around big first-party releases, and PlayStation’s State of Play is a Nintendo Direct rival of sorts. The new State of Play is being held in February and a few of its highlights have already been revealed.

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PlayStation State Of Play – Time, Date, & Where To Watch

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The next PlayStation State of Play presentation is happening on Thursday, February 23, 2023 at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET. As announced via PlayStation Blog, the event will be livestreamed on both PlayStation’s Twitch and YouTube channels. This means fans can watch the presentation through either of the platforms, depending on their preference. The presentation is set to be around 45 minutes long, according to industry analyst Stealth on Twitter. The PlayStation Blog post only mentions that 15 minutes will be dedicated to Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Batman: Arkham‘s spin-off about Task Force X in Metropolis.

What Games To Expect During PlayStation’s February 2023 State Of Play

Task Force X looks confused or disgusted at something off-screen in Suicide Squad: KTJL.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is bound to be the main attraction during PlayStation’s State of Play event in February 2023. If Stealth is correct, one-third of the show will be about Rocksteady’s new DC-inspired action-adventure game. As mentioned by the PlayStation Blog post, however, this will wrap up the presentation. Before that, fans will be presented with 30 minutes of content focused on third-party partners.

Sony will present five new PSVR 2 titles during the next PlayStation State of Play, likely a way of marketing Sony’s new PS5-compatible PSVR 2 headset, which arrives on February 22, one day before the event is held. It is difficult to predict exactly what titles these can be, both considering how new the headset is, and how well-known developers are still getting into the virtual reality market.

Another portion of PlayStation’s State of Play presentation in February 2023 will revolve around indie games and third-party partners, meaning that highly-awaited first-party exclusives will likely not be shown. This includes Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine, or even The Last of Us Part 2’s now-standalone multiplayer mode. However, this does not mean exclusives cannot show up. Square Enix is a partner, so Final Fantasy 16 footage and more plot details for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are still on the table, for example.

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Remake and remaster developer Bluepoint Games could also make an appearance with the long-rumored Bloodborne remake too, but the studio’s acquisition by Sony in 2021 puts Bluepoint under the first-party umbrella. In fact, even FromSoftware itself, Bloodborne‘s original creator, could be in the event with Armored Core 6 since it is a partner studio, despite Sony being a shareholder in the company’s stock. Guessing which indie games will be presented is a difficult task since many could be debut titles from smaller studios.

However, this could be the place where Celeste’s developer EXOK Games shows more of its new Earthblade game. Additionally, Katana Zero could also, finally, come to PlayStation platforms, along with its DLC’s release date. Even more Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals gameplay is a contender to show up. Nonetheless, there seems likely to be more debut indie games than sequels or expansions to those already known. PlayStation’s State of Play in February 2023 is the first of the year and will set the mood for the brand’s presence in the industry throughout the following months.

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