PlayStation has announced its first State of Play of the year, which will be the first one since October 2022. This latest State of Play will air on Thursday, February 23 at 1 p.m. PT and include a host of game reveals, including a lengthy demo of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

As announced on the PlayStation Blog, this presentation will included looks at third-party games, five PlayStation VR2 games slated for this year, and then over 15 minutes of Rocksteady Studio’s upcoming DC game, which will have updates and gameplay details. No other information — not even the show’s total runtime — was given.

Rocksteady has been rather secretive about Suicide Squad despite its imminent May 26 release date. The team showed a brief snippet of gameplay in December 2021, but the coverage before and after that mostly contained cinematics. This type of footage has meant that its gameplay loop is still under wraps for the most part since there haven’t been any big and detailed breakdowns, which PlayStation is promising with this State of Play. The announcement tweet also came with a small tease showing The Flash.

A recently leaked picture of Suicide Squad’s user interface garnered a lot of criticism because of its prevalent live service aspects, which included multiple currencies and RPG-esque loadout screens. Many drew negative comparisons to Marvel’s Avengers, a live service comic game that struggled since its launch and is currently being sunsetted.

This State of Play was also rumored to be in the works, as insider Jeff Grubb stated in early February that PlayStation was going to hold a show in the coming weeks.

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