Fringe is one of those shows that lends itself to fan theories, and Peter being an Observer is one of the more interesting ones. Fringe, created by J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, and Roberto Orci, aired from 2008 to 2013. The show’s intricate storyline and complex characters have led to a large following of fans who are constantly discussing and creating theories about the show’s mysteries. The theory about Peter being an Observer suggests that Peter’s ability to predict and manipulate events could be due to his advanced intellect and lack of emotion, similar to the Observers. Furthermore, Peter’s mysterious origins make this theory even more intriguing.

However, there are also some issues with this Fringe theory. For one, Peter’s connection to the alternate universe and his father Walter’s weirdest fringe science experiments with crossing universes suggest that his abilities may be due to those reasons rather than being an Observer. Peter’s emotions throughout the series, including his love for Olivia and his grief over his daughter’s death, could also be seen as evidence against the Observer theory. Furthermore, Peter’s connection to the alternate universe and his unique genetic makeup suggest that other factors may be at play that explains his abilities and motivations.

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Why Fringe’s Peter May Have Been An Observer

Fringe Season 4 - Forced Perspective

One of the key pieces of evidence for this theory is Peter’s unique abilities, which include a preternatural ability to predict and manipulate events. Throughout the series, Peter is able to anticipate future occurrences with uncanny accuracy, and he is often able to devise complex plans that seem to defy the laws of probability. These abilities are similar to those possessed by the Observers when they invaded in Fringe season 5. Furthermore, Peter’s sudden appearance in Walter’s life as a child is shrouded in mystery, and how or why he came to be in the alternate universe is never fully explained.

Another piece of evidence for the theory that Peter is an Observer comes from the show’s fifth season, in which Peter inserts the spinal tech that creates Observers out of humans. This technology gives humans heightened mental capacities and physical prowess, but it also changes their appearance and personality, making them more emotionless and robotic. Peter himself undergoes a significant transformation after inserting the tech, losing his hair and becoming colder and more calculating. This transformation is consistent with what we know about the Observers and lends credibility to the idea that Peter may be one of them. Overall, while there is no definitive proof in Fringe season 5 that Peter is an Observer, there is certainly enough evidence to support the theory, and it remains a fascinating topic of discussion for fans of the show.

Fringe’s Ending Contradicted Peter Being An Observer

Fringe season 5

Despite the evidence, the theory that Peter is the first Observer is unlikely because the Observers have never shown any interest in saving him, except for one Observer named September. Moreover, the way Peter and the Fringe crew save the world by changing the future through Walter’s intervention suggests that Peter is not an Observer in the main timeline. This theory would also fundamentally change Peter’s character and the show’s narrative, raising questions about his abilities and character development.

It’s possible that Peter could be an Observer in an alternate timeline, but this would require significant changes to the show’s established lore and character development. Overall, the evidence suggests that Peter is not an Observer in the main Fringe timeline and that his importance lies in his actions as a human being working to save the world from the dystopian future created by the Observers.

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Peter Could Have Been An Observer In An Alternate Timeline

FRINGE: Peter (Josh Jackson) contemplates the plan to defeat the observers in the all-new “An Enemy of the Fate,” Part Two of the 100th episode and special two-hour series finale of FRINGE airing Friday, Jan. 18 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Liane Hentscher/FOX

While the idea that Peter Bishop is an Observer in the main timeline of Fringe may seem far-fetched, there is evidence to suggest that he could be one in an alternate timeline. One possible scenario is that Peter was transformed into an Observer in a timeline that diverged from the one we see in the show. This could have resulted from some kind of time-traveling experiment or accident that left Peter stranded in a different timeline, where he was transformed into an Observer due to the changes he underwent.

Another possibility is that the Observer version of Peter is from an alternate timeline that intersects with the main one at specific points. In this scenario, Peter would exist in both timelines simultaneously but would only be an Observer in one of them. This could explain why the other characters on Fringe can form emotional connections with Peter, as he would still retain his human emotions in the main timeline. Ultimately, the idea that Peter is an Observer remains an intriguing possibility that adds to Fringe‘s complex narrative and allows for a wide range of fan theories and interpretations.

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