Georgia Hassarati and Dom Gabriel are now exes after winning Netflix’s Perfect Match season 1, but they weren’t the only people involved in their split. Dom’s former match Francesca Farago accused Georgia of leaving Dom for her current boyfriend Harry Jowsey. Meanwhile, Too Hot To Handle beauty Georgia has been opening up lately about her own journey on Perfect Match and how she saw the relationships unfold.

Georgia dropped bombshells on The Viall Files podcast with Nick Viall, including that she only dated Perfect Match‘s Dom Gabriel for one day due to Ines. “The night he asked me to be his girlfriend was the night we actually ended it,” Georgia explained as she said Perfect Match was edited differently.


Georgia said that she had a “gut feeling” for days that something was going on between close friends Dom and Ines. However, Ines promised her and Chloe Veitch that she wasn’t into Dom the very morning she confessed her love for him. Chloe told Georgia about Ines after Georgia agreed to date Dom, which caused Georgia to want to pause things.

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Georgia Admits Perfect Match Drama ‘Hard To Deal With’

Side by side photos of Perfect Match stars Georgia, Dom, & Francesca

Georgia and Dom tried to work things out after filming Perfect Match and went on a trip to the U.S. While she was recording a podcast with Harry, Dom said he would go out with Ines. Georgia thought he did this to hurt her since Ines confessed her love for Dom on Perfect Match. Dom and Ines ended up getting dinner with other Perfect Match stars, which made Georgia feel left out. “Everything that has gone on is extremely hard to deal with,” Georgia said about being made to look like she cheated on Dom when she maintained she only started things with Harry after everything with Dom ended.

Perfect Match’s Dom Gabriel & Ines Tazi Might Be Dating

Dom and Ines from Perfect Match

While Georgia confirmed she is currently dating Harry and only started seeing him after splitting from Dom, there have been rumors Dom and Ines are dating. The Canadian man and French beauty have been caught spending a lot of time together as well as leaving flirty comments on each other’s social media posts. Dom is known to fall hard and fast, while Ines is a classic romantic looking for her mature, nurturing, and articulate other half. While Ines admitted to having feelings for Dom, Perfect Match filmed over a year ago. Therefore, it’s not clear if they’re close friends or decided to pursue their feelings after Dom and Georgia split.

Overall, Georgia has shared that she only wishes the best for Dom, with whom she no longer communicates. It appears that Ines’ betrayal hurt her friendship with Georgia, while Georgia and Francesca are definitely not friends after the former claimed Francesca set out to lie and manipulate her. Meanwhile, Dom and Francesca surprisingly patched up their bad blood after their split and appear to be on good terms. The person who appears to be struggling the most at the moment is Georgia, who is very upset to be called a cheater and even said she doesn’t want to film any more reality TV after her experience on Perfect Match.

Perfect Match season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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