The cast of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians Disney+ show is already fairly big, but it still needs to add one unseen character from the books. The upcoming TV show will be the second live-action adaptation of author Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series, with poorly-received movies based on the first two books being released in the early 2010s. The Disney+ Percy Jackson show has promised to be much more faithful to the source material, but it does need to stray somewhat, specifically by adding one major character.


Many exciting details about the Percy Jackson show have been revealed so far, including the fact that each season will only cover one book. This will counteract the problem that the Percy Jackson movies had of rushed pacing, meaning the TV show will have more time to explore and flesh out side characters. Luckily, this also means that the Percy Jackson show could potentially feature a character who went completely unseen in the books.

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Disney+’s Percy Jackson Show Needs To Introduce Hercules

Ares' kids in the Percy Jackson Disney+ teaser

One character that would be a fantastic addition to the Disney+ Percy Jackson series is Hercules. Hercules is one of the more popular figures from Greek mythology, with the super-strong hero featuring in all kinds of modern adaptations. In the Percy Jackson books, Hercules never actually appears, but his presence is certainly made known. Hercules is constantly mentioned by his father Zeus, who will be played in Percy Jackson by Lance Reddick, with the King of the Gods being immensely boastful and proud of his son. Zeus views Percy as a threat to Hercules, with the god acting like the two sons are a proxy fight for Zeus and Poseidon.

There are plenty of places that Hercules could fit into the Disney+ Percy Jackson series. An obvious route is simply showing the character in flashbacks, visually playing out Zeus’ various boastful stories whenever he tells one. Hercules could also be a counselor at Camp Half-Blood, adding another recognizable name to the camp’s staff. Given Hercules’ popularity, he can be squeezed in anywhere, making him a perfect addition to the Percy Jackson show.

Hercules Can Fix A Problem With The Percy Jackson Books

Percy walking through the camp in Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Adding Hercules to the Disney+ TV show would also fix a big Percy Jackson mistake that has been around since the original books. Throughout the story, Percy’s character arc is mapped out to follow the arc of Hercules, with the constant comparisons between the characters actually serving a thematic purpose. However, in the books, Hercules’ story is only told through exposition – something that would not work well for a visual medium.

Simply talking about Hercules in the Percy Jackson TV show would only continue this exposition problem from the books. Having Hercules physically appear would be a much better choice, with the series showing events like the trial of Hercules rather than merely recounting them through dialogue. Whether he just appears in flashbacks or as an actual character in the events of the show, Hercules needs to show up in the Disney+ Percy Jackson show.

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