Lauren Manzo, who has appeared on The Real Housewives of New Jersey with her mother Caroline Manzo, recently admitted that she used a drug called Mounjaro to drop some of her weight. Mounjaro is similar to Ozempic, in the fact that it is usually reserved for diabetics. However, some reality TV stars have been using it as a weight loss drug instead of for its intended use.


Lauren spoke with Page Six about why she used Mounjaro to help her lose 30 pounds. “I have been considered morbidly obese,” she said about why she chose to use it, “I do think that people shouldn’t abuse Ozempic.” Lauren believes that some of the Housewives who have admitted to using it didn’t need to in the first place because they were “already skinny,” and she called it “sad.” While some stars like Dolores Cantina, have admitted to using it without shame, others like Kyle Richards from RHOBH have denied numerous claims and said that she is offended.

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Lauren Says Mounjaro Helped Her More Than Weight-Loss Surgery

RHONJ's Lauren Manzo

Since appearing on RHONJ, Lauren has struggled with her weight, and many have unfairly judged her for it. She went through many methods of losing weight, but said she just couldn’t lose anymore until she started using Mounjaro. She said, “This is the one thing, even about weight-loss surgery that has helped me a lot and cured me and mentally made me so much better. I’m really grateful for it.” Lauren says that she understands “people don’t like it, people don’t applaud it,” but she has been struggling for so many years and now that she has found something that works she doesn’t have any regrets.

The women of reality TV are constantly scrutinized for all sorts of different aspects of their appearance. From their weight, their hair, their face, their style, the list goes on and on. The added pressure to look top-notch as cameras follow their every move would surely take an eventual toll on their mental health. This is something that Lauren has been vocal about, and if she has found something that helped her, with the help of her doctor, who is to say if she is right or wrong for taking it. As a matter of fact, it is difficult to judge any women who have taken this drug or similar to keep up their appearance for TV.

While it is understandable that some may be upset because the drug is being used for a purpose outside what it was originally intended for, it is a personal decision that these women get to make about their own bodies. Obviously, it is important that there is enough of the drug to go around for the people who need it first and foremost, but if The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Lauren is better for it, then she deserves to be able to take something that helps her. Many women in The Real Housewives franchise as a whole struggle to keep up appearances every day, and if this is the latest wave, then some of them will no doubt be riding it.

Source: Page Six/Eileen Reslen, Evan Real and Danny Murphy, Lauren Manzo/Instagram

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