With the acclaimed series wrapped, attention turns to the Peaky Blinders movie to bring audiences back to the world of Tommy Shelby and the Peaky Blinders boys. Ever since the sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders came out, fans have been clamoring for the long-teased Peaky Blinders movie, which would presumably wrap up the series. There is not a tonne of information about the movie, especially since it is not even fully written, but the cast and creator Steven Knight have all dropped some crucial reveals about the feature-length Peaky Blinders film.


The show certainly finished feeling like it had more of the story to tell, and capping off Peaky Blinders with a movie rather than 7th season is an intriguing yet understandable way forward. Peaky Blinders season 6 ended with Tommy left with a choice between seeking revenge against his enemies or continuing on with a life in which the world thinks Tommy Shelby is dead. While the ambiguity of the conclusion works well, it seems as though the movie would give a definitive answer to that question. Peaky Blinders movie updates are highly sought after, although there’s still very little concrete news about Tommy Shelby’s return.

Peaky Blinders Movie: Latest News

Tommy Shelby looking to the side in Peaky Blinders

The latest Peaky Blinders movie updates are likely not positive or optimistic news many were hoping for. In May 2023 Cillian Murphy, who of course plays Tommy Shelby, made comments that suggested not only will there be a long wait for the Peaky Blinders movie, but his involvement in it is not as concrete as many thought. Murphy expressed hesitation about returning to the role despite wanting to work with Steven Knight again, stating “If there’s more story there, I’d love to do it. But it has to be right.

However, he also expressed satisfaction with how the final season of Peaky Blinders ended things and the pride he has in the series as a whole. This might come as a shock to those who thought the movie and Murphy’s involvement was a done deal, and who disagree with his assessment that the show’s ending doesn’t mean a Peaky Blinders movie is necessarily needed. However, there is undeniably demand for more Peaky Blinders, so the fact Cillian Murphy isn’t as overtly passionate about returning as many viewers shouldn’t be taken as an ill omen.

Peaky Blinders Movie Confirmation

Tommy watching the caravan burn in Peaky Blinders

Though Cillian Murphy cast doubt with his Peaky Blinders movie update, Steven Knight has given nothing but confirmation that the movie is indeed on the way. Speaking with Heart Breakfast in anticipation of the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 opening ceremony, Knight proclaimed he is “nearly done writing it.” Following on, Knight says shooting is still scheduled to occur at some point in the “next eighteen months“, so 2023. With Knight writing a new Star Wars movie as well, it remains to be seen if that will have an impact on his earlier plans for a Peaky Blinders movie.

Peaky Blinders Movie: Release Date

Tommy threatens to kill his doctor in Peaky Blinders

There have been no Peaky Blinders movie updates that contain a release date or even release window yet. The only hint of when fans could possibly expect it is Steven Knight’s claim that it will shoot in 2023. That means the earliest it could be expected is likely sometime in 2024. However, the ongoing WGA strike could delay that. Though American audiences mostly watch Peaky Blinders on Netflix, this would not be a Netflix Original movie but is rather aiming for a theatrical release.

Peaky Blinders: Movie Cast

In terms of official announcements, there has been little regarding the Peaky Blinders movie’s cast, but given which characters were left standing at the end of Peaky Blinders final season, there are some obvious choices. Though Cillian Murphy cast some doubt on returning as Tommy Shelby for the movie, it stands to reason that the project wouldn’t continue without him. Though Peaky Blinders nearly cast Jason Statham as Tommy initially, there’s no chance they would recast the role now.

Tommy’s loyal brother Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) is also likely to make a return as he was the one character who stuck by Tommy’s side the entire time and would surely jump at the chance to serve in battle with him once again. Sam Claflin seems a shoo-in to reprise his role the villainous Oswald Mosley alongside his wife, played by Amber Anderson, as does Ada Shelby, played by Sophie Rundle. Another individual who could have a crucial role is Hayden Stagg, played by Stephen Graham, who was introduced briefly in season 6. Of course, Tom Hardy returning to his scene-stealing role as Alfie Solomons is also likely.

When asked about familiar faces popping up, Knight confirmed in his interview with Heart Breakfast but said there will also be “some new faces that will hopefully be quite surprising.” One potential new face could be Tom Holland as, after the Spider-Man actor revealed he was turned down for a role on the show, Knight invited Holland to be part of the Peaky Blinders movie.

Peaky Blinders Movie: Story Details

Tommy Shelby sitting in a chair in Peaky Blinders.

Fans can piece together some potential plot points the Peaky Blinders movie will follow after the events of season 6, such as Finn seeking revenge and Tommy out for blood from Mosley, but few official details have come out. Something that Knight has revealed (via Radio Times), though, is that the story is “about a sort of untold story that happened in the Second World War, which Peakys are going to be involved in.” It was always maintained that the beginning of World War II, the sirens, would mark a natural end for the series, so it will be fascinating to see what creative spark led to Knight wanting to explore beyond that.

In terms on the complex protagonist, Knight has always envisioned an ending for Tommy where he is redeemed and no longer the big bad leading the way, saying as such before season 6 (via Metro). Season 6 of Peaky Blinders touched on Tommy’s redemption as well as his guilt for “crossing the line” in killing Michael. By the end of the show’s final season, audiences could definitely see that begin to unfold as Tommy rides away on a white horse, having spared the doctor’s life following the massive twist of his fake TB diagnosis. While this was said outside the context of the Peaky Blinders movie, it seems inevitable that this road of redemption will continue for Tommy.

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