After revealing that she and her husband Carter Reum had welcomed a baby in January, Paris Hilton announces what they’ve named their son.

Paris In Love star Paris Hilton has finally announced what she and her husband, Carter Reum, have named their son. On January 24th, Paris posted a photo of a baby hand clutching onto hers, announcing that she and Carter had welcomed their first child. Earlier in February, Paris revealed in a Bazaar interview that she had welcomed a son via surrogate mother, and she and Carter had kept it a secret even from their families. Paris said she wore a brown wig to the hospital when he was born to avoid anyone finding out before she was ready to announce it on Instagram.

Paris, who released her documentary This Is Paris in 2020, kept her son’s name a secret at first but has finally revealed the name she and Carter decided on.

Paris shared a clip from her podcast episode on Instagram, where she reads an excerpt from her upcoming book. In the book excerpt, Paris shares that she and Carter have named their son Phoenix. The Simple Life star says she decided on the name years ago after looking at a map of different cities, countries, and states. Paris wanted a name that would go well with Paris and London, as she’s admitted in the past she wants to one day name her daughter London.

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Paris Has Beautiful Message Behind Her Son’s Name

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Paris explained that Phoenix has some great pop culture references, but she loves the name most because Phoenix is “the bird that flames out and then rises from the ashes to fly again.Paris wants her son to understand that difficulties are a part of life but that he can always rise above them and come out stronger, just like she did with all the trauma she experienced in her life. Paris concludes, “my beautiful baby boy’s name is Phoenix Barron Hilton Reum.” Barron is Paris’ younger brother’s name and also her grandfather’s name.

Paris’ fans have been waiting impatiently for the heiress to announce her baby’s name, and she didn’t disappoint. No one was expecting the star to go with a traditional name as that never fit her lifestyle. Using the name of the city goes perfectly with her name and will fit great when she one day welcomes a daughter named London. The message behind the name is also beautiful, and it’s heartwarming that Paris incorporated her grandfather’s name as well since she had a very close relationship with him.

It’s no surprise she gave her son her own last name too. With such a powerful and influential name, it would be a shame for her son to lose that connection to her family. Paris has always been proud of where she comes from, and while Phoenix also has his father’s name, he should remember that he’s a Hilton too. Paris has always wanted to be a mother, and she and Carter will no doubt give Phoenix an incredible life. While Paris is keeping her son private and her life as a mom out of the public eye, the Paris In Love star will likely reveal more to fans as time goes on.

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