Many Oneplus Buds are no longer finding customization tools in the settings after an Oxygen OS 12 update. Here’s how to fix the problem.

Many users say that they cannot find the OnePlus Buds customization tools in the Settings menu after updating their OnePlus device to OxygenOS 12, and the issue remains even after the wireless earbuds are connected to the device. Some users attempted to resolve the issue by installing the “Hey Melody” app on their devices, but the problem remains unsolved. The issue has become more prevalent following the release of the OnePlus Buds Pro 2. Here’s a workaround solution to access the customization tool in settings, as well as a resolution to the HeyMelody app’s non-functionality.


Users are not required to install the “Hey Melody” app on their OnePlus device to resolve the issue. Instead, users must update the “Wireless Earphones” app from the Play Store. This app is made by Oppo mobile and comes pre-installed on OnePlus devices. However, users might not find the app in the Google Play Store’s update section. As a result, users will have to search for the app in the Google Play Store manually and then select the ‘Update’ option to update it to the latest version. The customization feature option will be visible in the phone’s Settings menu following the update.

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OnePlus Buds Customization Options

Image of OnePlus Buds Pro 2 with OnePlus 11 in colors green and black.

After pairing or connecting OnePlus’ wireless earbuds to OnePlus devices, the Settings menu offers a multitude of customization options for users, including the option to set custom gestures for Single Tap, Double Tap, Triple Tap, Tap & hold, and Long Press. These gestures are configured to perform various functions and operations such as control music playback, call receive and disconnection, wake up voice assistant, Enable or disable noise cancelation, and more. Users can also configure these gestures to perform additional actions depending on their preferences.

Although OnePlus announced in 2022 that OxygenOS and ColorOS would not be merged to form a new unified operating system for OnePlus and Oppo devices, the two operating systems are still linked since they share the same unified OS codebase. As a result, products from either of the brands released in various countries have the same compatibility issues on their respective devices. However, compatibility issues can be resolved by consistently updating all relevant app firmware.

The true wireless earphones from OnePlus are ideally meant to be paired with their smartphones, and offer additional auto functionality and come with extensive customization options to suit the user’s preferences better. Updating the app is a simple workaround to fix the absence of the customization tool from Settings for Buds. However, the OnePlus community is asking the manufacturer to provide a long-term solution for the problem through future OxygenOS updates.

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