Warning: This article contains spoilers for Outer Banks season 3.Outer Banks season 3 ties up plenty of loose ends for the Netflix show – but also raises a series of unanswered questions for the future of the series. With audiences knowing that season 3 would mark the reintroduction of the long-missing Big John Routledge, and reintroduce him to his son, expectations were high for the series’ third chapter. These hopes only rose higher with the reveal that Outer Banks season 3 would also cover the mystery of the lost city of El Dorado, and in doing so create an even more intense adventure for the Pogues than anything they experienced prior.

The Outer Banks season ends with the group finally being acknowledged for their adventuring skills as they are officially rewarded for finding El Dorado, but not before the loss of more than one character in the series. These losses raise questions about what the future of the show looks like – or if they are indeed real, in the case of Ward’s death in the final Outer Banks season 3 episode. These aren’t the only questions the season raises, either, as its plot leaves a lot open for potential further exploration.

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6 What Happened In The Outer Banks Season 3 Timeskip?

Outer Banksseason 3 episode 10 timeskip ending

Outer Banks season 3 ends on a timeskip just as it begins with one, showing the Pogues in a rare state of contentment after having successfully proved they found the lost gold of El Dorado. Through conversation between John B and Sarah, viewers learn that all the main crew have relatively positive setups, and have made some big changes in the time the camera doesn’t show. This said, there’s a lot audiences don’t yet know that will likely be explored in Outer Banks season 4, such as what specifically happened between Big John’s death and their return.

5 How Did The Pogues Prove They Found El Dorado After Destroying The Way In?

Outer Banks Season 3 Pogues Group JJ Sarah Cleo John B and Pope

The Outer Banks season 3 finale establishes that the team destroy the route they used to get to El Dorado, raising some potential questions as to how they actually were able to show others definite proof they got there – which must have happened given the season ends with them being praised for their findings. This question may not be definitively answered in the show, as it seems most likely that Outer Banks‘ Pogues were able to guide others to excavate in the right direction. However, given convincing an excavation team to take on a project like that isn’t exactly an easy feat, season 4 could shed light on what happened.

4 Did John B Evade Topper’s Assault Charge?

Austin North as Topper, Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah in Outer Banks Season 2

Outer Banks season 3, episode 9 ends with Topper confronting the Pogues, and then phoning the district attorney general’s office to formally file charges against John B for attacking him previously. It seems clear that this charge didn’t hold, as John B is notably not in prison in the timeskip finale, and his discussion about where everyone is at with Sarah only mentions the two have a surf shop – which would likely be a far different conversation if John was either still dealing with the charges, or otherwise had just dealt with them.

In the final Outer Banks scenes of season 3, Topper looks unhappy to be witnessing the Pogues’ award ceremony, which seemingly hints to his case having been called off. Indeed, it would make a lot of sense if Topper’s case was dropped because of John B’s new association with such a positive news story – as having him arrested would potentially reflect negatively on the island as a result, which could have led Topper to be forced to not press charges for his family reputation. Hopefully, Outer Banks season 4 will explain what exactly played out here, especially as it affects the key conflict between the Kooks and the Pogues.

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3 Is Ward Cameron Really Dead This Time?

Though Ward Cameron sacrifices himself to redeem himself in the eyes of his daughter in the Outer Banks season 3 ending, it’s understandable that plenty of viewers might regard this death with some suspicion. Ward has seemingly died in every season of the show, and every season so far, he’s been revealed to in fact be alive and ready to once again face off against the Pogues in some shape or form. As such, this third death in a row naturally seems suspect.

However, the nature of his death means it definitely looks like Ward is gone for real this time. He doesn’t have time to prepare a plan like in season 1, and his emotional sacrifice would be wasted if it turns out to be a ruse – but the pattern of the show means this isn’t a certain thing. Outer Banks season 3, episode 10 itself focuses on a faraway shot of Ward after he dies, which is somewhat suspicious based on his track record of evading certain demise.

2 How Will Ward’s Death Affect Rafe’s Outer Banks Arc?

Rafe Outer Banks Season 3

When Rafe sends the injured Outer Banks villain Ward Cameron off with the Pogues to get his dad to safety, he begs Sarah to take care of their dad – and also makes a somewhat less polite request to John B. Notably, Rafe threatens John to try and ensure Ward’s safety, stating “you do anything to him, anything, I swear to God I’ll find you.” Ward’s death in the Outer Banks season 3 ending is thus likely to rile his son, and set him against his sister and her friends once more. However, it’s not clear how this will manifest yet, and Rafe’s arc with his family is chaotic enough that this could well instead lead to him reconciling with Sarah.

1 The Mystery Of Blackbeard’s Sunken Ship

Outer Banks season 3 blackbeard ship

After finishing their most recent expedition off, the season 3 finale leaves its most exciting and most intentional mystery until its final moments. The final scene of the Outer Banks season reveals the next adventure for the Pogues: discovering Blackbeard’s sunken ship at the behest of a potential client, who hands them a journal. With the journal dating to 1718 – the year of Blackbeard’s death – the team are seemingly tasked with finding Blackbeard’s lost treasure.

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The real-world Queen Anne’s Revenge (Blackbeard’s most famous ship) wasn’t excavated until over two hundred years after it initially was lost – and Edward Teach’s final ship, the Adventure, ran aground instead of being sunk – which together combine into a true story that sets up a decidedly exciting adventure for the Pogues to take on. What is less clear, though, is how the show will approach the story of Blackbeard’s sunken ship and treasure, though it’s safe to say it will be an even more engaging adventure than even Outer Banks season 3 and its search for El Dorado.

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