Dreams that JJ and Kiara would be a couple right from the start of Outer Banks season 3 were broken, but it hints that the romance could be endgame.

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Outer Banks season 3!

Dreams of a JJ and Kiara romance happening right away in Outer Banks season 3 were broken, but it is part of a better plan for the Pogue couple. JJ and Kiara grew incredibly close over the course of the first two seasons of Netflix’s show. After Kiara potentially had feelings for John B and then hooked up with Pope, the strength of her bond with JJ by the end of season 2 began to spark theories that they would get together in the near future. This included speculation that Outer Banks season 3 would immediately begin with JJ and Kiara in the early stages of a romantic relationship.

As a show built around a group of teenagers going on wild treasure hunts, blossoming romances between members of the group have always been part of Outer Banks‘ formula. The series’ primary romance comes from John B and Sarah Cameron, while Outer Banks season 3 makes Pope and Cleo’s relationship romantic too. The latter romance comes together rather easily in the new season, but the same is not true for dreams of Kiara and JJ’s relationship going to the next level. Thankfully, it all points to Outer Banks having a better plan for JJ and Kiara’s romance.

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Outer Banks Season 3 Doesn’t Let JJ & Kiara Get Together (Right Away)

JJ and Kiara Outer Banks Season 3

Those hoping for a JJ and Kiara romantic relationship at the beginning of Outer Banks season 3 are forced to wait. After season 2 ended with the Pogues stranded on an island, expectations began to build that this time together in an isolated environment could be the place where Kiara and JJ’s feelings for each other grow quickly. That is why there were dreams of JJ and Kiara’s romance being established right away in Outer Banks season 3 and being a foundational part of the new storyline.

Netflix played into these JJ and Kiara couple dreams throughout the marketing campaign for the new season too, as photos and footage teased the two Pogues growing even closer than before. However, Outer Banks season 3’s story takes their journey in a different direction. They begin the season on an awkward footing where their feelings have not been explicitly stated, but they worry that going back to OBX will change them. Outer Banks season 3 ultimately makes viewers wait until episode 9 to get the real payoff to the complicated JJ and Kiara romance subplot.

How Outer Banks Season 3 Hints JJ & Kiara Are Endgame For The Show

Outer Banks Season 3 Kiara and JJ on bike

Despite some potential disappointment that Outer Banks season 3 strings out JJ and Kiara getting together, the journey hints that they are endgame for the show. John B and Sarah’s relationship might be more at the forefront and had its fair share of difficulties, but JJ and Kiara have been more tested as they developed their relationship. Between their various fights in season 3 and JJ’s heroic effort to rescue Kiara from Kitty Hawk, Outer Banks is taking the time to fully develop their romance so they can be the show’s endgame relationship.

With the Outer Banks season 3’s ending leaving some ambiguity about the status of their relationship after the time jump, the developments that did come before might not guarantee that everything is smooth sailing for JJ and Kiara going forward. Season 4 could explore how it has been more difficult than they thought to make their relationship work. Between Kiara’s parents’ view of JJ and their individual differences, Outer Banks could take its time continuing to build up the duo before making them an official couple.

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