Outer Banks season 3 continues its personal character arcs – and in doing so, reveals a secret reason as to why Cleo joined the Pogues.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Outer Banks season 3.Outer Banks season 3 provides an extra real-world explanation for why Cleo joined the Pogues. As a team, the Pogues have evolved a lot since their initial founding, which comprised of series lead John B, and his oldest friend, JJ. With Pope, Kiara, and Cleo all joining the Pogues over the years, the squad has slowly expanded, and improved as it became a wider group of friends with skills that inherently benefit one another.


However, many viewers likely didn’t expect Cleo to become a Pogue when she first appeared in Outer Banks. As a crew member on Captain Terrence’s vessel, Cleo went from Sarah and John B’s savior, to their enemy, to an ally and eventually dear friend of all the Pogues. This arc comes to full fruition in Outer Banks season 3, and in doing so, explains a secret reason as to why the show added Cleo to the group – as doing otherwise would’ve potentially set up an awkward scenario for the group.

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Cleo’s Romance With Pope Explains Why Outer Banks Had Her Join The Pogues

Outer Banks Season 3 Cleo and Pope

Audiences had speculated Cleo would end up in a romance with one of the Pogues since she first stuck her neck out to help Sarah and John, with JJ, Pope, and Kiara all being speculated candidates for a prospective coupling with the character. As JJ and Kiara became more clearly teased as a pairing, this speculation began to turn more directly towards the idea of Cleo and Pope eventually getting together.

Said theorizing was proven to be true in Outer Banks season 3, as Pope and Cleo grew closer and eventually did enter into a romantic relationship. While the pair have chemistry and several sweet scenes together as they get to know one another and fall for one another, this also works on a practical level. Had Cleo not been introduced to the Pogues, Pope would’ve ended up being the only Pogue not in a relationship with another member of the group, which would’ve left his character somewhat isolated – which could’ve felt especially awkward given his previous relationship with Kiara, as the show itself references.

Pope’s Outer Banks S3 Story Meant Cleo Needed To Join The Pogues Anyway

Outer Banks Season 3 Pogues Group JJ Sarah Cleo John B and Pope

After Pope’s personal arc in the previous season had him falling for and confessing his feelings to Kiara – only for them to try things and Kiara to break the newly-fledged relationship off – Pope needed a figure like Cleo for his Outer Banks season 3 story. Pope loses both his scholarship and learns the Tanny family cross has been destroyed in the show, and each of these revelations deeply hurts him to the point he considers dire retribution against Rafe. Only Cleo is able to provide context of how much Pope still has, based on her own experiences outside of the Outer Banks.

By having a whole life before the Pogues, Cleo brings Pope the vital perspective he needs to heal from his experiences. Similarly, Pope’s life and adventures with the Pogues help him understand she’s looking for stability and compassion, and lets him show her a kind of trust she’s maybe never experienced before. Given this, even if their relationship hadn’t turned romantic, Outer Banks season 3 needed the pair to both be in the Pogues for how their personal stories complement one another.

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