The following article contains discussions of suicide.

Oshi no Ko episode 6 recently finished airing, and here’s everything to know about when episode 7 is set to release. Episode 6 was the darkest the show has ever been since its premiere, and with how dramatic of a turn it created, it makes the anticipation for next week’s episode even greater.


What Time Oshi No Ko Episode 7 Releases

Akane being bullied

As with previous episodes, Oshi no Ko airs exclusively on HIDIVE, which can be accessed on through HIDIVE’s app, website, or through an Amazon Prime account. Episode 7 airs on Wednesday, May 24. The new episode will be simulcast in western territories at 8 AM PST and 11 AM EST, so HIDIVE subscribers can watch it then.

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What Happened In Oshi No Ko Episode 6?

Akane falling into a depression

Rather than focus on Aqua or Ruby, Oshi no Ko episode 6, “Egosurfing”, shifted focus to one of the newer characters, Akane Kurokawa. Akane has been struggling with a lack of screen time on the reality dating show, and a failed attempt at getting more attention led to her accidentally striking Yuki Sumi. It was a minor incident that Yuki wasn’t even upset over, but the fans hated her for it and began cyberbullying her, even telling her to kill herself. It became so bad that Akane actually did try to end her own life but, fortunately, a surprise intervention from Aqua saved her just in time.

Oshi No Ko Episode 7 Can’t Mess Up Akane’s Story

Aqua saving Akane

Oshi no Ko has never been as serious as it is now, and that means that episode 7 can’t drop the ball with Akane’s story. Akane’s attempted suicide and the cyberbullying that caused it are both being treated completely seriously without an ounce of levity from the narrative or the characters, so however it’s dealt with in episode 7 needs to follow that same idea. With how serious of an issue it is, having Akane instantly feel better or, even worse, playing it off as a joke, would be in incredibly poor taste, so hopefully the show will understand this and continue Akane’s story with appropriate care.

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The need to treat Akane’s story with care is especially important with its relation to the real-life death of Hana Kimura. Kimura was a young pro wrestler who joined the Japanese reality TV show Terrace House, and after being cyberbullied for a minor incident on the show, Kimura committed suicide. This was a major incident in Japan, and since the manga chapters corresponding to episode 6 were released not long afterward, Akane’s story bearing so many similarities to Kimura’s is likely on purpose. With that sort of inspiration, it makes it even more important that Oshi no Ko handles Akane’s story as respectfully and maturely as possible.

Look for episode seven of Oshi no Ko when it releases on HIDIVE on Wednesday, May 24th!

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