Warning: SPOILERS for Stargirl: The Lost Children #4She may not be the world’s most powerful hero, but Stargirl’s current predicament means only she has the power to completely change DC history. After finding an island full of “forgotten” Golden Age sidekicks, Stargirl’s next choice could redefine the DC Universe for years to come.

Stargirl realizes she has to make this difficult choice about the forgotten sidekicks in Stargirl: The Lost Children #4 by Geoff Johns, Todd Nauck, Matt Herms, and Rob Leigh. First, Corky Baxter – a young member of the time-traveling Time Masters – explains how a number of Golden Age sidekicks found themselves held captive on an island outside of time while DC’s timeline was in constant flux. The children realize that they’ve been forgotten by their families and mentors, but Corky explains everyone will instantly remember them, as if they’ve never left, after they return to their original times.

Stagirl's Lost DC Sidekicks Discuss Returning to Their Own Times

This seems like an exciting prospect of course, but Stargirl has her doubts. Later, she tries to pull Corky aside to have an important discussion: “I don’t know if sending everyone back to the moment they vanished is…is the best thing for everyone.” The conversation is sidelined by the issue’s action, but Courtney’s dilemma looms large over the story.

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Stargirl Needs to Choose How Time Will Change

Stargirl Admits She Doesn't Think Sending DC's Lost Sidekicks Back Is the Best Choice

Stargirl: The Lost Children has introduced a completely new generation of Golden Age child heroes to DC’s history, including the first Flash’s “new” daughter, Judy Garrick, as well as some underused and obscure characters, like Young Justice‘s Secret and Jack Kirby’s Newsboy Legion. Stargirl and her friend Red Arrow have discovered a strange island, controlled by the terrifying Childminder, full of these “lost” heroes, and now they’re left with the task of rescuing them.

But even Stargirl will admit that the question of what to do with these “lost children” is more complicated than simply rescuing them from this island outside of time. At first glance, it would seem an easy choice: of course a hero like Stargirl would want to save these sidekicks and return them to their homes and families. But if Courtney and Red Arrow manage to save everyone from Childminder, their next decision could change the course of DC history forever: by returning these lost youngsters to their original times, it will be like they’ve always existed there, meaning the entirety of DC’s Golden Age continuity will be retroactively altered. However, as young crime-fighters, it’s possible Stargirl would simply be delivering them into incredibly dangerous lives.

If Stagirl restores the sidekicks to the Golden Age, it could be DC’s biggest continuity revision in years – adding new sidekicks to Golden Age in-universe history – and the choice rests almost solely in her hands. The sidekicks could instead enter the modern day, safe in the knowledge that they won’t be missed in their original time, and free to live out the rest of their lives in the ‘future,’ rather than in the shadow of WWII. Whatever Stargirl chooses to do next will have huge consequences for DC’s entire line; there’s a lot riding on this miniseries, and fans should definitely be paying attention to this seemingly small corner of the DC Universe.

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