Warning: Spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 6, Episode 22Stain was a formative villain in My Hero Academia, in part because he wasn’t completely wrong; Stain respected All Might as a true hero, but he thought other heroes were more concerned with their own status than saving people. While Stain ended up defeated and imprisoned, now he’s out again–and he seems to be hot on All Might’s trail…

After Stain was defeated by Deku and a handful of his classmates, he was arrested and sent to Tartarus, but All for One’s My Hero Academia breakout gave Stain the opportunity to escape as well. Stain became something of a martyr to those who stand against Hero Society, but many of the people who say they were inspired by Stain would be immediately rejected by him if they were to meet. Since breaking out, Stain has apparently been following All Might, as was revealed in episode 22 when Deku left All Might alone.

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Stain’s True Motives in My Hero Academia

MHA: Stain Stalks All Might.

While All Might may not have the power he once did, it’s unlikely that this fact would change Stain’s opinion of him. After all, it was never All Might’s power that Stain respected; it was his dedication to doing right without concern for himself. In Stain’s eyes, All Might is the only one worthy of being considered a true hero, while everyone else is merely imitating him for their own benefit, with saving people as a secondary concern. The worst part is, Stain’s not even entirely wrong in My Hero Academia, as there are definitely some heroes who are more concerned about their public image than doing their job. All Might, on the other hand, is still out here doing everything he can, even though he’s powerless. All that is to say that harming All Might probably isn’t Stain’s goal here… so just what is he up to?

In a lot of ways, Stain is even more of an All Might fanboy than Deku is, so perhaps this stalking behavior is driven by his fanboyism rather than a desire to do harm. Stain’s not stupid, either, so he knows he can’t just walk up to All Might and say hi; he may, then, be biding his time and waiting for an opportunity to introduce himself. Defending All Might could be a good way to do that, although there was just an opportunity to do so when those thugs were harassing All Might in the previous episode, and Stain made no such move. Perhaps Stain is watching and waiting for something in particular to happen, then, and will only reveal himself when that time arrives.

Whatever Stain may want with or from All Might, the choice to make a move is entirely up to him now. With no one around, All Might is completely at Stain’s mercy, and while it’s unlikely, this certainly would be a rough time for My Hero Academia to lose such a powerful symbol. Hopefully, Stain will reveal his cards soon, and fans will be able to breathe a sigh of relief.

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